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Helicopter Transport Support Module/ AI pilot behavior issues
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using the Helicopter Transport Support module the following has occurred on more than one occasion: call helicopter (heli lands and team boards, I board last as leader) one of the following has generally occurred: 1. while on map selecting destination, the team is ejected from the helicopter and it flies away as if we were dropped at destination (it does allow me to call it back and try again).

OR 2. destination selected, heli takes off tries to fly forward but sinks back down, bounces up and repeats.

MH-9 ONLY (tested player only no AI squad):

  1. upon reaching destination (assuming neither of the previous occured) I select "Get Out" and I am stuck standing on the bench but still have the get out option which does nothing.


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Steps To Reproduce

in editor, set player unit and place modules: Helicopter transport, support requester. sync: heli > heli transport > requester > player.

call heli through menu(0,8,1,1), board, set destination.

Additional Information

I have had mostly successful transports with the KA60 (both models) but still get the up and down thing and ejecting from time to time... as far as I've tried (an eject/bail out function would help here),

I cant get out when its bobbing and cant unstick from the MH-9 bench through movement or reselecting the get out option.

also the AI seem to enjoy letting you out over water due to lack of "suitable locations". which would be fine if the AI would not try turning the heli into a submarine or if I could have team bail out before it happened. though when I play as a diver the ability to do that seems a great way to insert if I told it drop over water.

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I have had similar issues with the transport AI. However, i have not had a successful transport unless using H-Pads for pickup and droppoff.

Here is my topic, I have a vid demonstration and test missions included...

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I used your exact steps to set up a heli transport, could transport myself and 3 AI with no problems.

Agreed. First time I got this support module thing working, it was awesome and worked perfectly! After that, it only lands on helipads, or it goes into hover about 200-300 meters away from where I designated it to land.. +1

"while on map selecting destination, the team is ejected from the helicopter and it flies away as if we were dropped at destination"

It seems this occures when you move the map using right click. If you move the map around by putting your mouse pointer on the side on the map it works properly.

Closing due to lack of activity for over 5 months. If this issue/request is still valid in the latest dev build, please create a new ticket or ask for this one to be re-opened.