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Chemlights too weak
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All the Chemlights seem to be too weak.

They light up in Nightvision pretty strong, but only the Yellow chemlight emits a somewhat visible light.

You need to throw 4-6 of them at the same place to start seeing them without NVG.

Although they are just used for marking and not ambient lighting, they are definetly visible from a long distance; but atm, you have to poke your nose on them too see them


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Make a nightmap
  2. Throw a chemlight
  3. Check difference with NVG and without.
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It also seems that the time of night affects visibility - at 0:00, you cant see them at all, at 3:30 they light up the whole place.

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I've found the lighting of the chemlight realy awsome but i've used them only once and i think it was nearly 10pm. So you made me want to try them on different hours. I'll vote up when i'm finish testing this one out.

Cool. I shouldve pointed out it was at only two time settings, early morning and deep night.

Where can I find chemlights? never seen it anywhere in ArmA 3 :[

Dunno, I use a ammo crate filler script that I had on one of my patrol ops maps for Arma 2. Found a long time ago, dunno where to find it anymore though.

Can anyone in here help me , how to find chemlights, or at least attach it into my inventory?

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IDK EITHER!!! maybe Helperman could take a pic for us?

Look on armaholic, there is actually a working script which should do the same thing, liek a cratefiller

too bad I can't place it on the ground in the editor T_T

Hello everybody

Today i playd a night mission in SP (Co04_SP Seal Beach Assault (Night)- Search&Destroy (1.0).Stratis)
After a while, it was around 3am in game, i began to play around with chemlights...

I found out that, the blue and yellow chemlights could be seen from much farther away, as the green and red ones.
The red ones were the weakest not only in terms of "visibility at the greatest possible distance" but also in terms of brightness.

During dusk or dawn, all light sources are very weak, which in turn makes the scene very dark and unpleasant, if not even unplayable... It's also an reported issue but as some of us regret, with improper title name.
I suggest to try to reproduce the issue for yourself and if you agree with, then to also vote this up. ->

much love and light

rogerx added a comment.Apr 3 2013, 1:10 AM

This is a duplicate of Bug #0000931 "Artificial light sources are too dim".

Expect it to be closed and marked as such. Thanks for making noise on this important issue though. ;-)

This is indeed covered by #931. Chemlights are mentioned there aswell.