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Support Requests Broken Upon Respawn
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When using the support module (in any case) it fails to work after your first death/respawn. Instead the menu just closes when selecting the type of support. {F17411}


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Set up the support module with on map or virtual supports. Call in support to verify initial fuctionality. Then respawn and attempt to call in supports.

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UPDATE: have just uploaded a sample misson for reproducing this issue. make sure to run in MP so you can hit ESC and respawn.


I have the same problem with a mission I have made. Support will not work anymore after respawn even if it is present in the menu.

This happens to any mission, not only SP but also MP. If the soldier that has the support linked to it dies, that option no longer is available to the soldier. Even if the soldier has not used any of the support options before death.

This is the case for mortar support, transport support, CAS (heli attack) support.

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Has anybody managed to script re-adding support, I have tried creating all the supports modules via script which works for the initial spawn and then re-creating / syncing to the new unit upon respawn to no avail.

The best I get is the notifications that support is available, the initial menu showing types of support, but no support providers (virtual) to make use of it.

I hope BIS get round to fixing this.

What seems to have worked for me is to script the synchronize from an object to the provider instead of from the requester to the player.