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Helicopter Co-Pilot Does Not Assume Control of Weapons
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Basically, when the pilot hands over controls to the co-pilot, the original pilot retains controls of the weapons system. {F17402}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get in an AH-9 with a Co-Pilot.
  2. Take off, fly around, hand controls to Co-Pilot.
  3. Co-Pilot will not have control of the weapons. Original pilot still does.
Additional Information

I have attached a mission that has AH-9's already in it. This is the specific mission environment in which I first encountered the bug. No extra mods are required.

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Perhaps the little bird does not have dual controls for weapons? It's a possability


Or more importantly, the copilot cannot take control when the pilot is killed.

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JNC: You might be right, but since the game takes place in 2035 they could have fixed it by then. Because I think a co-pilot not being able to access the weapons irl would be considered a design flaw.

Maybe the Copilot acts like the spotting unit more than a real Gunner. Copilot does not necessarily need to mean gunner.

In the Wildcat AH1 for eksempel, le Gunner has the lazer to lase targets for the guided missiles to hit (which in Arma 2 OA locks on without the need of a lasor >_>-------x)

the little bird's weapons are controlled by the pilot because they require the pilot to move the aircraft to actually aim the weapons, in an apache the gunner can fire in a direction other than the helicopter, but the pilot should be able to hand over control to the copilot and if the pilot dies the copilot should be able to take control himself.

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