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Compass and clock disappear after aiming
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If you have compass or clock in use (double clicked K or O), aim and when you stop aiming they are gone and you must double click again K or O. This makes lots of repeating if you want keep them in screen.


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Double click K
  2. Aim (RMB) and quit aim
  3. Compass not in screen anymore

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This is not an actual bug since the same behaviour is seen in ArmA 2 and all previous games of the series.

When you're aiming you're not looking at your clock, simple as that, really.
The same way when you stop aiming you don't immediately look back at your clock.
Anyway, either the compass or the clock are tools to help you guide, to be consulted every few minutes or so, not to be on the screen non-stop.

I'm sorry but this isn't a bug.

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It may not be a bug but it could be feedback, Basso thinks that's how it should be.

In A2 the player could have both his watch and compass on screen at the same time... so it's not a realism issue unless your character was running around with his wrist and compass in his face, haha.

I agree with Subscyed however. I prefer to use these tools only momentarilly for time or bearing (I also like how the compass now has sway when it's brought up or moved, yay!).

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This is a bug tracker, it is assigned a severity identifying it as a bug, not a feature request.

AS for the issue its self... firing a gun while holding your compass in your face?

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Yeah. Its not bug. JNC got it what i think. Its only annoying to put it back all the time. But really i want too that Arma3 should be 100% realistic war game. Actually i want also that you must put compass or clock away before you can shoot. And i didn't know this is not bug because some other things come back automatically. Like if you aim, start run and when you stop running player aims automatically if aim wasn't cancelled before running. Sprint cancels aim so i think players should need take aim back manually. Sorry for my mistake guys.

Would it be better if character takes compass to his hand and camera zooms to it? That would be awesome. You could run but no firing when using compass.


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Sounds cool in theory but how to you find the direction of the tower way over yonder when you're zoomed in looking at the compass?

Go on a firing range IRL. Take a rifle and a compass.

Try aiming and shooting while looking at the compass at the same time.

I think this is where realism interferes with convenience for no added gain. If you've toggled the item (this affected GPS in A2 as well) then it should stay up until it's untoggled. Simples.

Basso added a comment.Mar 9 2013, 12:33 PM

Best thing would be character takes compass to hand and it need put away if you want shoot.

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