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AI squad not following orders
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they will often get hung up on a order that you told them to ignore. it happens when you tell them to attack a car and then tell them to regroup quickly.


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I am having problems with AI following orders also. I will tell the team to regroup and only some will regroup. I verified I had them all selected. This happened over and over again. Sometimes I went to the map and selected each one by one and ordered them to move and they would if I selected and commended them individually most of the time. Finally by the end of our session, one of the team members would no longer move at all.

On a side but possibly important note, in A2 I discovered that in some of the longer missions, the Ai's ability to follow commands would degenerate the farther you progresses in the mission to the point of all AI being totally confused and no longer following any orders. I thing something similar may be happening here cuz the farther we go in this mission "Escape from Stratis," the more frequent the AI orders are not being followed.

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Yeah, it can take a while for AI to follow orders, or you have to keep trying different orders until they move. Get stuck somewhere in the meantime.

Getting the AI to follow orders at times has been a 50/50 affair at best (in all arma games)...and even when they do follow orders it takes them too long to get it done. Now in Arma 3 alpha it's worse than ever.

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A2 had an AI 'pistol bug'. One or more units on occasion takes out the pistol, but it is registered as the unit has the primary active, then it gets stuck at that position and unable to move anymore. Seems that something similar (or the same thing) is happening in the alpha too. In A2 when I made missions I usually did not gave the AI side arms to bypass this bug, hope this will not be needed in A3.

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@Bootsy - what does this have to do with AI following orders?...I think you accidentally posted this in the wrong place :-)

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it was a response to Digital-Soldier and DNK, forgot to mention that.

If you send order to regroup on return to formation, AI stays in the same local(don´t move, don´t follow me)

Well, today i asked to my ATsoldier to engage an enemy vehicle but he never use his Nlaw, he only use riffle. I tried it all without results.
I suppouse this happens because is alpha.

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