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Ifrit Rearview Mirrors have wrong orientation
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The rearview mirrors on the Ifrit have to be adjusted.
The left mirror has to be turned 90° to the left, while th right mirror has to be turned 90° to the right.

The Ifrit has two additional mirrors that are supposed to give the driver the ability to see the rear wheels. Both mirrors currently show clouds instead of the ground. They need to be adjusted too. {F17356} {F17357}


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Get into the Ifrit as Driver and look into the four mirrors.

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They are upside down

Updated with a screenshot for immediate illustrative purposes.

Also added a picture showing the other defect mirrors.

Solex added a subscriber: Solex.May 7 2016, 11:32 AM

I just noticed this issue today as well, glad to see I didn't have to start a new issue ticket. Added my screenshot as well of the incorrect right 90 degree, vertical orientation of the Ifrit driver's left mirror.

Yeah, 90 degrees wrong.

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i have the right mirror showing a similar problem, the sky is toward the driver and not up.

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