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nearly impossible to roll cars + if it is made so you can; should be able to flip back over w/ enough people.
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It is nigh near impossible to roll cars, no matter hard you try they always seem to pop back up. I think most ArmA fans will find this annoying as it is unrealistic and players will have no incentive not to drive like an lunatic because there are no consequences. Also if it is made so that vehicles can roll it should be made that you can roll the car back on its wheels with enough people, this will depend on the weight of the vehicle of course and whether it is on its side or completely rolled.


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high speed turns, high speed turns down mountain faces, literally almost nothing will flip the cars

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or at least provide a option in difficulty setting to either allow flipping vehicles themselves or using a wrecker or some kind of towing vehicle

I've noticed this too and I agree, I don't feel like I should have to drive like a sane person, knowing no matter what it doesn't flip. Rag doll the truck and let it keep rolling down a hill killing everyone inside. One flip shouldn't kill someone necessarily (if they're wearing their seat belt :P) but a few should probably send everyone in that vehicle to the ER. Not to mention render the vehicle inoperable and damaged (visuals needed too!). Having a damage system that will make one roll pretty minute and flipping the vehicle over will get it running again (via whatever?.. wrecker? I dunno, NOT automatically though). A couple rolls would destroy the vehicle (not to the point it's exploding because that wouldn't happen)

Duplicate of #0000799.