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Smoke passes through objects and building walls
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Please fixe it, that the smoke grenade doesnt smoke out of the house, when the smoke grenade ist thrown in it. The smoke cant smoke throw the wall!! {F17333} {F17334} {F17335} {F17336} {F17337}


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Make at least no wind in the rooms, for inside smoke.

yeah i dont know if it will be worth the resources to have smoke get affected by the buildings walls, and stay within bounds.

however perhaps changing it's effect inside a building could work better, greneade would emit just a little smoke, or to be more accurate, the time to live for smoke emitter is shortned to like 2 or 3 seconds, and then use volumetric fog which fills only the room giving it a dense smokey foggy feel, and then for the building doors and windows can emit some small amounts of smoke. I believe this will be less resource hungry than smoke and hit detection against wall's and other objects.

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ShotgunSheamuS! You and I think alike. 1 to 1.

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Confirmed. Was about to post this before I remembered to search for it. Reposting my writeup below for extra information since I've already written it anyway.

Description: Smoke emitted by smoke grenades passes through building walls unimpeded, allowing smoke to billow out the sides of buildings or into other rooms and vice versa.

Steps to reproduce: Spawn a soldier at 3010,6028 at grid 030060 facing azimuth 175 with smoke grenades in Agina Marina using the editor. Throw one of the smoke grenades next to a building wall either inside or outside and watch it billow out the other side. This works on other buildings as well, but this one has convenient large windows.

Add. Information: My gut programmer intuition tells me this is likely unfixable (at least not without a big performance hit or significant work), but reported for completeness.

this is not only an issue with smoke, but it is a problem with light and particles also. I uploaded some screenshots of particle/light sources inside and outside a building and as you can see, both go through walls (on the screenshots, the source is the metalbarrel)...

@Zonr 0, I am not a programmer, but the fact that the shadow system works (in the sense that the engine detects obstacles and create shadows using that information), isn't it possible to apply something like this for smoke, particles and other light sources than the sun? The logic looks the same and it should be doable without too much work. Any thoughts on that?

Zonr, anything is doable, and most probably even with our much of a performance hit, how ever yes it may entail more work, just needs to be done differently. As the saying goes, there's many different ways to skin a cat.

I proposed a method above, its just one way of doing it. But personally id say BIS should start looking into making the engine capable of things like this, perhaps even completely remake the virtual reality engine from scratch, and building it up right.

But who knows what their plans are.

Don't mind smoke going through walls, happens in every game. However, as someone suggested, make it unaffected by wind when thrown indoors and form in a shape similar to the smoke seen in (dare I say) CoD or CS. This will make smoke more effective in indoor environments and reduce the amount of clipping because of the shape.

You said the C word! =O

Lol... people can say what they want, but all games, regardless how unrealistic they may be, use creative ways to work around problems. No harm in naming then

also, rain looks weird. if ur inside rain stops. if ur outside it rains inside too.

Since this game already has PhysX integration they could just offload the calculations for smoke particles to PhysX and getting them to reconise collisions with uhhh collisions..? Walls, vehicles etc. (I don't think the other particles are important enough to have PhysX calculations as they are trying to keep PhysX only on the CPU and the performace hit would be huge)

This is the cheapest way to not have rain obscuring your view indoors. Just about every game ever uses this exact same technique as having rain not go indoor regardless of where you are means setting up individual volumes in the game or, actually having the rain with calculated physics, and with all the AI and physics calculations in Arma stressing the CPU to the max I think I'd rather my calculations going into the AI and the physics than adding extra calculations for volumes indicating where the rain should and shouldn't be hitting or physics calculations for the rain itself.

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I agree with these feedback.

+1, use PhysX for fix this ;)

Confirmed, throwing a smoke grenade into a room causes the smoke to go through walls. It is not contained inside the room. Please fix this. :-)

yes smoke collision's please it could be very useful in a multiplayer game to get the enemy by surprise. ps. Smoke needs react to helicopter lift off more realistically .

Yup, confirmed. Apparently a hard problem in computation, Intel had some solution to this around CES via some proprietary DX11 extensions. Can be implemented without them as well, apparently.

EXE rev 06546

Added: Scripting support for CTree UI control
Added: RPT header now contains allocator library used in the game
Added: AI is now better able to adjust shots at longer distances
Fixed: AI is better in choice of weapons
Added: Doppler effect to modify source frequency

**Added: PhysX particles have been enabled (technology test only so far!)***

Added: New colision sound sources for soldiers and small trees
Optimized complexity of hash map optimizations

It's very much possible that soon particles won't be able to pass though walls. But we'll have to see how well this test goes internally before it gets passed onto the DEV build.


It is very good idea, but it need to completly rework game angine, so it need very lot of work, or it will be applied in ArmA 4