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Ifrit passenger seat bug
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Hey Guys,

found a little bug.
When I sit on the passenger seat in the Ifrit vehicle, my half body is outside of the vehicle. {F17289} {F17290} {F17291} {F17292}


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This seems to happen when you try to move from the driver seat to the passenger seat.

Verified here as well. Half the torso is sticking out of the front windshield of the vehicle.

Morthon is right, only happens when moving from drivers to passenger seat.
Also bug seems similar to the ATV glitch, as I was standing and half my torso would be out the roof. Where as bernard seems to be sticking out the windshield?

Verified this as well. Additionally, You are even vulnerable to small-arms fire as well, as though you weren't in the vehicle at all.

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same here .. from driver to passanganger
i add a new picture

Same from gunner to passanganger. If get out from there will be stuck in the car.
See in the two new pictures.

You can get out by accessing the vehicle's gear option. It will remove you from the vehicle and allow you to move around again.

Duplicate of #0000192.