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Hyper Responsive Flight
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When flying the helicopters in the alpha, they seem to be WAY more responsive and sensitive to movement than they should be. The flight mechanics at the moment almost seem arcade-ish.


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Create any helicopter.

Fly it.

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Yep it's completely unrealistic, but at this point you probably know the standard response to these issues.

i agree with the arcade thing because i successfully flew a helicopter upside down and it was only losing 2 meters a second in altitude

as for the sensitivity i use a joystick so i don't know

Two-seater helicopters in real-life are typically quite nimble, while cargo helicopters are more sluggish, though still able to perform some astounding stunts.

The MH9's responsiveness is good. The Ka-60 should be more responsive.

Fly a real helicopter before you make claims like this.

Well once again. Flight model that is now in Arma 3 Alpha is only temporary. They're gonna use the Take on Helicopters flight model for later versions.

Unusable ticket, no realism background by the OP, no usable "expected result" defined.

I think we all agree that there is an issue with physics or the heli model and we have already quite a few of tickets on that, but for now let's stick to quality tickets.

Please come again later.