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Running people over causes too little damage
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When Driving a vehicle and you run someone over they dont die all the time they passout for a few seconds then wake up, you can also park onto them and the wheel is crushing them they still survive


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Drive into Someone.

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I like the fact that they dont allways die - but yes the damage model for infantry collisions needs some tweak!

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Also, there is no feedback that you just hit someone (or something), and it doesn't affect your vehicle's condition. (For example: the enemy roadblock in Vehicle Showcase can be passed through without any damage)

It is not perfect but it should be better now. If I hit a unit by Hunter (speed cca 30 km/h) and the wheel goes over the unit, then the unit is usually killed. If the hit just throw unit away, then the unit is injured but alive.

Player and all units in his squad may have some extra armor (dependent on difficulty) which can change the results.

Mass close.