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Overhaul of Squad communications
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The sound of inter-team communications is still dis-jointed. In Combat it is simpler and the whole premise is keeping Information flow maximum and cutting out nonsense, or things that raise the ambient noise level. ABC principle:-

A. Accuracy
B. Brevity
C. Clarity

The constant use of "Enemy Infantry Man - Direction" constantly repeated to cover all the members of the squad would never happen, it also makes the game sound mechanical and therefore unrealistic.

In PvP and multiplayer or CO-OP Multiplayer this is a huge issue and completely wrecks immersion and drives players to turn off Music and sounds in game to stop going mad with the ridiculous sounds and speech.

My suggestion would be to do the following for Team AI speak.

"CONTACT Enemy (delete as applicable) - Fireteam / Squad / Section / Vehicle - Direction - Range".

You would never say " one - Engage Machine gunner", you would say "Target Priority Machine Gunners" to the whole squad or Fireteam; not individuals within the squad.

Also the constant "Under-fire" / "Enemy Fire" is not really necessary, because Contact pretty much means you are into a firefight, unless it is a soft contact. It doesn't add to the experience and as a Soldier saying this your superior would slap you and tell you to shut up, because we know we are under fire.

It is a holdover from OPF which had to have it in order to work, but today with all the sophisticated systems and resources you should be able to make something more organic in feel, if not in operation.


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A touche for reported an ennemie to the team with same information can be good too, do this touch can't be spammed (like in bf)

Agreed but still it's a huge improvement from ArmA2 voice overs

Typo - That should read B. Brevity (not Brevit.) ;)

It is a huge Improvement but that doesn't mean it is good or optimum, improving some that is bad solution, may make it a less poor solution but it doesn't automatically make it a Optimum or excellent solution. I would argue that a improving on a Compromised solution is still a Compromised solution. The aim of BIS in this ARMA series seems to always be to get things as close as possible to the Real World within the constraints and confines of a World they can pragmatically create.

A simplification of Communications would be more realistic, and make for more Organic sounding communications, than the current excellent sounding voices that talk utter nonsense.

So for reporting the following it could be :-

Single Enemy Soldier "CONTACT - Direction - Range"
2-6 Soldiers "CONTACT ENEMY FIRE TEAM - Direction - Range"
6 - 12 Soldiers "CONTACT ENEMY SQUAD - Direction - Range"
12+ Soldiers "CONTACT ENEMY INFANTRY - Direction - Range"
1 Vehicle "CONTACT ENEMY VEHICLE - Direction - Range"
2+ Vehicles "CONTACT ENEMY VEHICLES - Direction - Range"
Armoured Vehicles "CONTACT ENEMY ARMOUR - Direction - Range"
Multiple Soft Vehicles "CONTACT ENEMY CONVOY - Direction - Range"

The key to this is that only one member of your Squad makes the report, it is not repeated 2 or 3 times. Separate units will be made aware as other units call it over the radio net.

Not related to Squad commands but when a grenade is nearby and the squad yells get down, the sound quality and loudness is completely different to the commands you hear.

Feels it is lacking polish

I also feel that the AI's comms sound very emotional, like they're constantly freaking out. They don't sound like a trained army to me.

I couldn't properly enjoy Arma 2 until I found a mod that completely disabled all radio chatter text and sound. It's bearable in Arma 3 as it is, but I have the Radio volume off and of course there's a constant spam of useless information in the bottom-left, because in multiplayer nobody thinks to turn the auto-report feature off.

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Jere added a comment.Mar 16 2013, 9:45 AM

i also noticed that some ai member say "bingo fuel" for "understood".
Isn't that an expression from pilots to say "out of fuel for further attacks"?
Inf should not say that then.

Cypher added a subscriber: Cypher.May 7 2016, 11:26 AM

I love the improvement over ArmA 2. If the comms stayed the same I would be able to deal with it and be happy.

But honestly I would flipping love what mwnciboo suggested! It would definitely clear up the chatter and stop providing constant updates on individual enemies. And I strongly agree with the idea that it's silly to keep repeating that you are "under fire". Saying it one time is okay. Or if the situation changes it's okay again I suppose. If you haven't been in combat for a few minutes and you come under fire again it's okay to say again then too. Just not every few seconds =)

p00d73 added a subscriber: p00d73.May 7 2016, 11:26 AM

100% agreed with this.

Not only is the current system not realistic, it also doesn't help situational awareness very much. Without unit markers on the map (in veteran etc.), it's almost impossible to keep track of how many enemies are in which direction.

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Asaob added a comment.Mar 19 2013, 5:52 PM

Hello i uploaded a video on youtube about how annoying is to play now on official multiplayer coop levels in arma3.

That Video clear illustrates just how ridiculous the system actually is.]

Just as Counter listen to how simple this example is:-

CONTACT - Everyone moves to cover and tries to put down fire in the general direction.

10s - 15s after CONTACT is called someone (guessing the Squad leader) clarify's the situation giving a precise position and range (DOWN THE ROAD 200m ON THE LEFT).

The ambient noise is Soldiers calling "Moving" or "1 Section Advance!" or "2 Section Move" there isn't continuous talking. Orders are re-communicated down the line quickly. It's organised and disciplined.

teaCup added a subscriber: teaCup.May 7 2016, 11:26 AM
teaCup added a comment.May 8 2013, 8:45 PM

It's clear from Asaob's video, just how painful and jarring these radio messages are. And they have been ever since OFP.
The glued together sound-bytes and the over the top voice acting feels very unnatural. But by far the worst is when you're in a group with more than 2-3 units, and they're constantly shouting, you don't have a second of silence, you can't hear vehicles, weapons being fired or yourself think, just the constant barking of sitreps and orders and what have ya.
This is present even in player-vs-player multiplayer, when it should be the players themselves communicating over chat or VON or TeamSpeak, but no. Players are forced to mute the radio volume completely, to be able to play. Ask around, everyone does it, 'cause otherwise it's unbearable.

I would love to see these voices taken out completely, at least from PvP, where there really is no reason for them to exist.

The problem with muting radio volume is that mission makers can't use it reliably to transmit mission/objective critical sounds over it. They have to turn to music, but even that's not reliable because some players mute music too - they find it annoying sometimes. So basicly, mission makers can't play any sounds to MP clients because AI radio spamming makes it unusable.

I actually have muted the music. It's missionmaker's fault, because on numerous occasions the music was playing and playing and playing and playing - try to listen for enemy revealing sounds in such environment. A music background during a cinematic shot is welcomed. A SHORT tune, to underscore an important event, is also fine. But listening to whole, several minutes long, tracks, while sneaking through a forest, is unacceptable.

Regarding the original issue, the most annoying are constant "go, I got you covered" in various iterations. Especially with Stealth behaviour.

I don't fault anyone for turning their music down. My beef is with the constant radio spam in multiplayer. Say for example we are 7 guys in a group, and i want to warn my squadmates about an enemy tank. I can't because my character rages:


A buddy who's just respawned goes:


Third guy who's in a firefight moans:


And so on.. it never stops. I can't hear myself think, let alone talk to the others, there's such a ruckus. So ArmA + Groups = Muted Radio. A shame, beause i'd like to use playSound or playMusic to notify the players of some mission objective changing/being accomplished, instead of writing it out to the middle of the screen in giant letters - to make sure everyone notices it. To me, all 2D overlay GUI is an immersion killer.

For me as someone who has played this series for over a Decade, it is the most glaring, appalling and lazy part of the game.

Sound in General in this Game Series has been terrible.

I played Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis the other night for giggles, Guess what the comms are almost identical to ARMA 3. Yes they sound slightly better, yes they are a bit clearer but they speak like MICROSOFT SAM with Aspergers Syndrome.

It hacks me off because compared to Engine Overhauls or AI tweaking this is easy to bloody do!!!

12 years and no real overall improvement - Shocking...

Marine added a subscriber: Marine.May 7 2016, 11:26 AM

Thumbs up!
I can understand the use of the radio team communications for AI. But when you are in a game such as TDM. Server is rocking 50 players. The squad leader never shuts up. Every person your team spots the squad leader calls out the position from each player spotting. It never ends, It has gotten to the point where my loadouts do not include a radio or I drop it on spawn. Its just endless spamming from the squad leader.

Most people type out where the enemy is or call them out in VON anyways.
Playing solo missions its fairly useful and not as annoying but TDM or gametypes as such it should be completely removed or have a disable feature.

Thales added a subscriber: Thales.May 7 2016, 11:26 AM

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

@Thales Thank you, if this is implement it will really change the feel of ARMA and will break that lineage back to a degree but it will be a massive leap forward for realism and the series.

If you need any help let me know always happy to help.

Even with solo play I find the constant radio barrage extremely annoying. Do they really have to yell "cover me" and other spam every few seconds. No way could anyone sneak up or get a word in edge ways when there are more than a few members in the squad.

Balancing between immersion and distraction for a large player base is probably difficult but I would seriously prefer they said nothing at all except contact reports at this rate.