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GPU Not Fully Utilize
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Using 7870xt with AMD phenom II x6 1055t which is overclocked to 3.5ghz.
The issue here is even i set graphic settings to high/very high/standard, the GPU utilization is very low which is normally hover around 50%, hence causing low fps at avg 30fps and lowest 15fps.

Other graphic demanding game such as FC 3, Tomb Raider and Crysis 3 able to make my GPU load till 90%-100%.

I hope the dev team could fix/repair/utilize more from GPU, or maybe its driver issue from ATI.

Thank you.


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Im in the same boat fraps got 12 fps on mine and im on a XFX 7870

Im having the same with a Xfx 7770 Black edition and phenom II 965 BE, helicopter showcase on mid-high 1080p only 29 fps using only 20-30% usage, also changing settings from low to ultra hardly makes a difference for me. still running better then arma 2 though which is good.

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Already an Issue Report about low GPU/CPU utilization.

XFX 7950 3GB here and the same problem, max utilization seems to be 50%.
Phenom II x6 1090t OC'd to 3.6ghz

Closing duplicate.