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Infantry auto stand-up while crawling near low walls/stone hedge
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Infantry auto stand-up while crawling near low walls/stone hedge (or over stones and other objects on the ground).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go prone
  1. Crawl forward really close to the stone hedge and keep crawling toward it's end. If it doesn't happen first time try some different angles at the end of the stone hedge.
  1. At the end soldier will automaticly stand up and thats really not a good idea when trying to keep your head down in a firefight or when trying to approach stealthy.
  1. This "auto stand-up" happens when prone to other objects as well (some rocks etc.) but most notable at the stone hedges.
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For more info and A2 repro mission see this...

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Yes I also experience this time to time. Sometimes gets me killed or ruins the stealth approach.

This same misfeature occurred in former titles as well and is not exclusive to rock walls but other obstacles that units can walk over normally. It's very annoying to have the engine stand a unit up at the worst possible time. I think it could be fixed by adding an animation for it because without an animation, its likely the unit will follow the angle of the object if prone is allowed.

On a side note, it's annoying that the player can actually walk over these walls normally without the V step anyhow. If, in the midst of a fire fight, the player approaches the wall too quickly and remains in a combat squat, he promptly steps up onto the wall, in the line of fire rather than using the wall for its intended purpose, cover.