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Walls falls when a body fall on them
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Pretty much the title when you kill someone and their body falls on the wall the wall just go down {F17244}


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kill someone near a wall and with some luck the wall will just fall

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it appears to happen with trees as well. With that in mind its a fair guess and probs that can be knocked over are effected by this

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Added repro mission.

  1. Start bodies_break_repro.Stratis with 2 players
  2. Player 1 comes close to wall and keeps respawning until wall breaks


Playing mission with 1 player and respawning in same matter does NOT break the wall.

From my observations trees, bushes and walls fall because of ragdoll processing done on remote clients. The more clients - the worse is destruction radius from ragdoll.

Not just players, AI will also cause wall to collapse if killed beside wall.

This issue deserves more attention as it is quite immersion breaking and detrimental to urban combat, to have walls falling over onto players without legitimate cause.

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@ SaMatra
Good video, but from my experience it is usually just the closest object to a dead player/AI that gets destroyed, maybe two when death occurs where two pieces of a wall join together.

Anyway I hope this shines some light on an almost ancient issue, which needs fixing.

yes +1

this is sometimes very annoying, allthough for me this issue is already a feature of the game :D

so I when I lead squads (77th JSOC coop) and we set up position, I always tell the squadmembers to stay away 1m/3feet away from any wall/fence when they engage in firefights... if the wall is down I have to risk another player`s virtual life to pull the body to safety where the medic can do his magic, with wall up, the medic can do his magic instantly with somewhat still intakt cover.