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Multi screen set up black screen on secondary
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when you tab out of Arma III then tab back into Arma III sometime the secondary monitor goes black only temporary fix is to tab out and back in until the secondary stays on.


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Have 2 or more monitors Launch Game Go into Showcase Start a showcase then pause and tab out at a random point then go do something else then go back to Arma III and its most likely your second monitor will go dark.

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Why this isnt a major bug its a bit inconvenient as i use my second monitor for many things why in game and occasional need to tab out for a few seconds due to the bug a few seconds turns into a few more and then im dead lol on multi player.

EDIT CSR Kryssar:
This can be relevated to blackscreen randomly or when alt-tabbing in single monitor that may be divided to more than one screen that can be always "repaired" by another alt-tab to win and back.

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It also sometimes starts with the second screen blackened, have to alt tab back and forth until the second screens shows up.

Yeah its not Just Me :D

I also get this with a dual monitor setup.
Second monitor goes blank, usually when entering a menu or selecting/joining a game. Alt-Tabbing a couple of times brings back the second monitor.

I am not seeing this on a 2x 680 SLI with 2 monitors, alt tabbing works smoothly.

Im also on a dual 680 evga set up with sli alt tab isn't the issue its the soloution half the time

Bump as not getting enough up votes

Confirmed. (3 Monitors on GTX 670 - 2 of them always black when running the game in fullscreen mode)

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Bumping this one, very annoying.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Adding here because it seems to be the closest issue to it:

9 out of 10 times, the video player on the second monitor crashes when either

  • starting Arma3


  • tabbing back into Arma3 (when it was one of the times it didnt crash it on launch)

This is very annoying for us "I dont need a TV, I have multiple Monitors" people.. even more so when working in the Editor and having to tab in and out often.

I am using VLC media player 2.0.7 Twoflower (current version to this date).
I checked if it is a new issue with the player first, since there was an update not too long ago:
It still works fine with all the other games/fullscreen applications, only ArmA3 crashes it (with great reliability :/ )

This is also very annoying for streamers, since there are many streamers who use their second monitor (and in my case, third monitor, on the onboard i7 intel GPU) for streaming software and different overlays. We need to be able to see all our monitors.

Yes I get this sometimes too.. sometimes the screens are black sometimes you can see the other screen.