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A usable game mode for MP testing like Warfare from Arma 2
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We need an easily setup MP modes for testing like the Warfare mission/mode that is commonly played in Arma 2 and TDM and DM.

2 Teams, Blufor and Opfor capturing towns and bases from resistance to obtain resources for the commanders to build bases and upgrade equipment for purchase for everyone else, first team to lose their HQ loses.


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I think official dedicated server support should come first, but we definitely need more official scenarios as well.

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This should not be a high priority, and these kinds of missions already exist. Hope you get banned from creating issues, your part of the reason public alpha's and issue trackers are a pain in the ass for developers.

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How to fix this issue :

  • Open internet browser.
  • Use your internet search engine to find "Armaholic".
  • Download the Blitzkrieg for A3.
  • Enjoy PvP in ArmA III

Kudos to Kju for the fast release as well.


WTF is your issue? How am I a pain in devs asses? It is hard in the server browser to find anything other then TDM which really does not suit this game or the 2 coop missions or wasteland so get bent and get over yourself.

I expressed my opinion and made a suggestion that a much enjoyed scenario type from Arma 2 be added to Arma 3 for testing, where you are there may be plenty of user created scenario you can get into with good latency that are very similar but not where I am so I am a little more limited.

If something like warfare was available during scenario creation then maybe something more then simple TDM or wasteland would be more accessible to more people but as Wallace15nd stated dedicated servers should come first and would probably be needed for something as large is warfare.

I probably shouldn't have put it as such a high priority I agree but other then the crashes and performance issues there is very little major that needs fixing at the moment, the alpha is very high quality and works remarkably well so I thought that maybe some more scenarios would be very welcome. They may be getting added as things progress.


Thanks for the suggestion I was not aware that armaholic had already got a collection of mods and scenarios to download, I will check it out and hopefully the servers running them are not too high ping for me.

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you set this at extreme priority? If it's so important then make a warfare mission.


Yeah since posting this I have learnt how to make missions and am quite enjoying it. If I could I would change the priority and stuff.

@sykotika My only issue with this is that it was at such a high priority, severity under the wrong section and really just something that should be on the forums instead of here, you would get better support there for the idea too, and probably even links to the CTI missions floating around which are pretty much warfare.

There are now multiple community missions of this type and BI will surely be making their own for the beta or full release. Closing, as this is no longer an issue.