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Military Simulator - Not Wasteland
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When I preordered this game, I thought it would be a military simulator. When I got the game running, I found that almost all of the popular servers are Wasteland (or something similar) mode. Is there anyway that the ammount of Wasteland servers is either reduced or something similar to DayZ happens. I enjoyed Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead while it lasted, but now when I start that up, it is all Wasteland too. I fear that Arma 3 is going to go down the same path. If so, I will not continue to play.


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Only suggestions:

  1. Reduce the ammount of Wasteland (or similar mode) servers.
  2. Make Wasteland standalone like DayZ.
  3. Reduce modability of the game so that it remains a military simulator.

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Reducing modability is the worst idea I've ever heard. I also hate the direction the game has taken, I miss good old Domi and Warfare, but the only way to fix that is to find more people that play the modes you want to play. The ONLY reason Wasteland is the only game mode online, is because it's the ONLY game mode available. It's only been 36 hours since the alpha started, so give the other modes some time to get ported.

If you're looking for a good Arma 2 server that doesn't run Wasteland, try the 15th MEU server, it usually runs Insurgency or MSO, and won't ever run Wasteland or Zombiekill2000.

Ezcoo added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 5:17 AM

I understand your frustration, but this is the most absurd ticket that I've seen here so far. People like different things; why should others suffer if one didn't like something? Having Wasteland and DayZ servers in A3 doesn't exclude the existence of mil-sim servers.

Definitely voting down.

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I would recommend joining shack tac or a group like them if that is what you are looking for. Could also make a mission using the editor and have some friends play with you sadly these servers ain't going to go away and what you recommend is absurd.

In what way is this urgent AND a severity of major? For f*ck sakes, stop abusing the feedback system during AN ALPHA RELEASE simply to complain about what the f*ck you want in the game. Devs make it how they want, your not God. The Devs don't give a sh*t about your complaint, this isn't some gaming forum to voice your opinion on a game, it's a way to fix real issues and game bugs. No one cares if you stop playing, and they aren't going to make any Standalones, It's your choice what server you play on, there's no reason to reduce the # of servers that use Wasteland..

I'm seriously wondering why the hell you think this is an urgent issue, and also, why the hell you think that your opinion is going to matter to the Devs, and, why the fuck can't you just click Join on another server rather than asking them to reduce the # of wasteland servers?....

Op = Grow up, and no one cares. I'm playing you the worlds smallest violin. What Mystthereaper typed you should listen to him 100%

The mods need to block your account T.B.H

Agreed, the existence of these mods does not warrant the removal of modding or servers. If you TRULY care about the military sim portion of the gameplay than there are more than enough tactical groups out there who do just that.

I second the motion that thine ticket is absurd.

ivgori added a subscriber: ivgori.May 7 2016, 11:18 AM

One tip for the topicstarter: BIS do not start any servers. Want your vanilla game server (as I do) - start it

every poor disillusioned teen playing wasteland is one less on my server to fuck me off, and another 30 bucks in Bohemias coffers.


play> multiplayer> new>

Lach45 added a subscriber: Lach45.May 7 2016, 11:18 AM

dis makes no sense. it is a military sim, wasteland is a great game mode, don't like it? play on a different server. hook up with the ACE guys, that shit is fun too :D

Its filled with wasteland servers. I played it on arma 2 and didnt like it and its now on arma 3.... would like to see arma 3 community to focus on warfare.

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I am not sure that you realise that the servers are not operated by BIS. Anybody can host an Arma game, and people who like Wasteland, are hosting Wasteland games. You can host a game too.

Also, stop listing servers in order of number of players! Most of the more milsim-ish missions have fewer slots than Wasteland.

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