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Vehicle steering with mouse indicator
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Currently there is no indicator to let us know which way a vehicles wheels are facing when steering with a mouse.


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There wouldn't be one in real life, unless i'm misunderstanding you.

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mic21108: Sure, but it's a simulator and it's aiming for realism. Knowing where your arms are/how they are placed is realistic. If the game does not relay that to you, it's not realistic anymore. And because having that function doesn't really affect game balance or actually anything (besides being able to operate the vehicle closer to real life) I don't know why it shouldn't be implemented/brought back.

Now personally I feel that enabling mouse up/down look in vehicles and tweaking the steering wheels return time (that's the root cause of the problem, imo) is enough, because that way you can still see your arms inside the vehicle (using free look is not an option since you then can't use the mouse for actual steering) so you know how the steering wheel is positioned. As it is now, you may be able to see the steering wheel, but the inability to adjust vertical look makes it impossible to drive using the mouse when you're inside the vehicle (since you need the free look almost always to adjust the vertical look).

Edit: Or make the vertical positioning persistent after a free look and only return the horizontal position to middle (in vehicles as driver/co-pilot only).

Mic21108, do you see markers in your view in real life? Or a little clock when someone points you into a direction? ;-)
You see.. It could ne Part of the extended HUD setting.
Indicators in real life: E.g. a heli Pilot gets an indicator where his WSO is looking.

A lot of helpfull info, indicators, etc. in this simulation series are just replacements of the natural situational awareness you have in real life. In this case you would just KNOW and FEEL how far you turned your wheels.

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Actually driver knows where he intends to steer, and this is how OFP steering worked. Getting it back, at least optionally, would improve it a lot.

all of you saying that this is a realism case is to an extent mistaken because in real life people do not driving with a mouse and have reasonable control over the handling of the vehicle but on the other hand you are right, there is no marker in real life

No discussion!!
we need analogue input
I.E the Mouse for driving & flying

If you worry about realism . I DO .
Consider this .
We need the realism the mouse input provides. look at arma2, when you steer into a corner the forces on the wheel straighten the mouse back to middle ...
This is very realistic !
Also 'A Bit' Button input 'A' to steer 'left 'is NOT EQUAL to 'A bit' of analogue mouse input 'left' !

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

The All in Arma mod re-implements the driving crosshair when in Arma 2 vehicles, so this feature could be easily implemented. Mouse steering in Arma 3 is acceptable, but I always imagine that I have an invisible crosshair when steering.

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I hope this feature will be added. (It's really needed for 'Armored' vehicles)

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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