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Climbing over walls
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I think it'd be pretty nice to have the ability to climb over a wall. Not overly huge walls but decent sized walls. Controls for it could possibly be double tapping V next to a wall or something along those lines.


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Agreed, upvoted.

Climb by the help of a team member over a high wall.

Nice.. or an DUO climbing? There's an free game that support that someone gonna sit down in Multiplayer along an wall and some other one gonna run into his hands got launched on the wall and then he will take his friends hand.. Just in MP :O Awesome even this is also Awesome :)

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brians comment has merit; would also be cool to see rock climbing with use of gear.

would be awesome

Setting status back to "new", since feature requests should not be approved by moderators.

by who must be approved? :) approve it please

simple script (3-5 strings) 2 handmaded animations need here...

This is ridiculous! It was approved and now it isn't, probably because of some whiney dev. It's simple add the issue or lose potenial players! Setting the status back to new was a big mistake! I want a real good reason for this feature being neglected! If the animators and devs can't figure out how to do it, they don't belong in the industry, and quite frankly it's absolutely absurd that they released an alpha to get public opinions about the game, and then they don't even listen to the people who are supporting them. If you don't want to listen, then don't bother pretending to care what we think! I'm seriously angry about this! Basically you're getting public opinion just for status, not for actual adjustment purposes. If it doesn't match what the devs alread had in mind, it won't be added, so why even bother with this alpha feedback tracking if you aren't goin to fix what the consumers want out of a product that costs real money!

This is a MUST HAVE feature in a millitary sim shooter.

Chill down dude.. An moderator did it and said that he return it to new because he CAN'T Aprove an feature. As said above by MadDogX Qoute: "Setting status back to "new", since feature requests should not be approved by moderators."

That's why. So chill down seriously... Its an game it take's time you freaking think they ONLY look at Feature's, Seriously?! They are more looking at Bugs and Glitche's to fix then create new Feature's. Anyway THEY DON'T add them in the Alpha but later in B.E.T.A. or even the Full Game. So freaking chill down you're not the only one bought the Alpha. And its far way more important to fix glitches and bugs then create new Feature's already. If you want it so badly in the Alpha why you don't just create an Modifications (MOD)..??

I totally get that i shouldn't be so upset, but honestly almost every issue on this has been closed, so they are obviously looking at them. I just think this is something they will ignore, and never put in, even in the full game. As far as blaming Devs, it may've been harsh, but like many people probably already think, this is part of combat simulation, so it really is important. No MOD should need to be made, it should already be there, and many people, not just me, agree. I would love to see this game top charts/become #1, and it has the potential, I may be a little mad about it but only because I feel that they will be making a huge mistake if it is not added. I really don't think that people understand the value of this feature. You're right about it not being something they would put in alpha, but I have become frustated with the issue in many other games as well as this! Trust me with this feature added, nothing will touch this game's sales once word gets out. I do need to chill, but if a moderator can't approve a feature they should have known ahead of time. I respect your opinion, Brians999! and you're right to tell me to chill!

Closing in favor of #3435.