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You can scope in with your gun while it's holstered.
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You can scope in with your gun while it's holstered.


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Just Holster your rifle by hitting left control twice, then right click to scope in.

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just makes the game less immersive. No one utilizes their scope while being holstered.

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I think scoping-in automatically raises the weapon.

Ok so get your gun, holster it. Crouch. Then scope in. You cant move your mouse and its aiming straight at the ground. It wont auto raise. Also you see through the scope as his idle animation moves the gun around.

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Works only when crouching. If in standing stance the character will unholster his weapon.

YA like I said before, you "CROUCH"

Raahk added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 8:42 PM

Yeah, I should have read the comments before i posted this.

I've reproduced this, as above, crouching is important to the issue; from my experience it behaves as expected when in a standing position. Affected the scope with the additional red dot sight (in both modes).

Frustrating if you're attempting to be stealthy behind a wall and shoot your foot while trying to bring the weapon up.

This could be solved really easy. When you click, "scope in", while in crouch mode. Have it just raise it 1st. Then 2nd click again to scope in. Of course if you are holstered in the 1st place.

Come on moderators accept this is an issue and lets fix this!

This has been fixed.