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Blood in water
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Why arent there blood clouds when shooting someone underwater, or when a shot individual than goes into water? {F17178}


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SGTIce added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 1:46 AM

Likely due to the fact it would put more of a strain on the CPU, not only would it have to go over the network & be processed it would also need transition effects, cleaning up, etc.

Not a justifiable/necessary feature other than for aesthetics.

JNC added a subscriber: JNC.May 7 2016, 11:15 AM
JNC added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 1:56 AM

It could be just like smoke from weapon. When characters are hit a red cloud is produced for a few seconds. Aesthetics are nice too

Or the same way as the clouds in the sky, only smaller.

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 2:15 AM

It could be, but how often is someone going to get shot at in the water & how much of a justifiable difference does it really make?

JNC added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 2:21 AM

Well underwater anything is new compared to the other arma games so idk how often it will be used. If underwater aesthetics (such as this) arent applied due to "lack of use" than why are any? Why have underwater gameplay if it isnt going to be used?

Rick added a subscriber: Rick.May 7 2016, 11:15 AM
Rick added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 2:34 AM

If you're never going to shoot anyone underwater then why are you worried about the effect on hardware? Yeah there are more important things but still. Something ought to happen.

Would add too much weight on the networking and processing units.
Not a must have, imo. Not until a very good engine's optimization

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 7:05 PM

As kid said, not only that though, you may shoot someone under water, but the water will disperse the blood/break it down pretty fast so it will likely be so thin that you won't notice it.

Unless you hit an artery and the victim profusely bleeds out.

Armas particle effects arent full blown out crazy realistic anyway, so a bit of over the top blood stream in the water would be a cool indicator of hitting someone.
Id like to have that effect, and how much of a strain would that be unless youre having hundreds of underwater units fighting ( which sounds really cool actually), and is no diffrent than having hundreds of vehicles blowing up on the shore. Aswell as SGTIce said, it wouldnt take long before the blood is discarded, so its not as taxing as something more complex.

Not a priority, but for polish it would be really nice.

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 7:33 PM

But I want submarines. I can't be the Submarine commanda without my sub.

Just wait for the full release you'll have your yellow submarine.

Might have to do with German censorship.

I think this would be a nice touch.

JNC added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 10:30 PM

Since there are air, ground, and sea vehicles an underwater vehicle or two would be a nice addition (maybe not a sub but still). Due to waters light absorbing qualities most underwater battles will takeplace at near melee ranges so a blood cloud of a few inches or larger would likely be noticable, and, most all gunshot wounds in arma 3 seem to be near fatal, artery slashing, wounds... PLUS the uniforms have large blood stains, why wouldnt the water pick this up?

Thx for the feedback everyone!

The more features you add. The more people will like your product.

Maybe when you get hit, and are in the water, it could spawn a tiny red smoke grenade on your body? This way it is using an existing game mechanic that works well in MP already? :)

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 7:34 PM

Red smoke toned back a bit might work.

I also thought the same, but I think the gore level should be kept low as possible or something like that. The arma series was always kind of "low gore"

JNC added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 10:33 PM

Agreed, I may be wrong but when i see "gore" im thinking body parts, sinew... squishy bits inside are now outside... etc

digital blood? not so much

mini smoke grenade seem lagit, however, I've noticed a bit of lag when using smoke grenades already so.... maybe if they were tweaked a little and THAN applied to this situation.

Keep it coming guys! :D

It could be achieved by a red smoke grenade of small output that only draws below sea level.

As we all know, atm theres the issue with too many smoke grenades and explosions causing lag and low framerate that doesnt recover, or very slightly recover, such an effect is not helpful.

We need to wait until Bugemia decides to fix the messed up engine first - if the engine cant handle even existing, why bother asking for features that make it even worse.

So let them fix the engine and (network)Code problems first, which they have to do, since we (many customers) payed for it.

If you're not contributing to the ticket Helper, why bother posting?

This would add no less strain on CPU/GPU than any other particle effects used in the air. It would allow a visible indicator that you actually hit the individual, and if a visible cloud of bloody sea water induces fear into the player of nearby sharks, the game play and their immediate goal would change significantly. Sharks ARE most likely going to arrive soon, since BIS has the animations for fish and using eventhandlers to spawn sharks near the area and pushing them toward the blood cloud can add tremendous strategic layering to a mission designers work.

And to those who claim this is only aesthetics; The whole purpose of the game is aesthetics, it is SUPPOSE to be entertaining.

there's already a cloud, it just needs to remain longer anyone talking about performance issues is an idiot it's already in the alpha and working like a charm. there is not performance issue.

Agreed, up-voted. More blood please, this is war, after all.

First you should learn some respect for others and theire opinions...
second, what is in game is a small (really small) "cloud" that disappears after a second and ofcourse has no FPS impacts.. now just to take an example put a fire place somewhere in the map and look at it.. you'll have XXX fps .. now take 2 cars and blow 'em up and stare at the smoke.. you have way less than the fps looking at the fireplace... why ?

Simply because the more particles (smoke or blood) you render for more time, more impact you have on your FPS.

So those talking about possible FPS issues aren't "idiot", they just point out a POSSIBLE issue.

But as people suggested it would likely be toned back/thinned out/sparser to prevent such & make it look more like blood in the water.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

It'd be interesting if blood attracted sharks. It'd give you something to think about if you were injured, especially if you were low on ammo. It might take some time for them to show up, and they may not show up at all. But the chance of a shark appearing after an altercation would add some anxiety to the diving missions.

Seeing some wild life also adds to the games realism. I liked running across the snake in the infantry demo.

Loki added a subscriber: Loki.May 7 2016, 11:15 AM
Loki added a comment.May 11 2013, 12:04 AM

Wild life is always interesting in all aspects and I'm sure, to some kinds of snakes you would hold save distance. Set player to rabbit is also an impossible experience, hopefully there is no hunter in the range.

Apparently Greece doesn't have sharks. It is set in the future though. Maybe the conservationists will introduce some sharks to Greece by then. Probably best left for the mods though.

I think that there is not enought of "blood clouds" pouring into the water when somebody is wounded. Anyway it still good that the possibility is there.

There is already some blood clouds
go shoot some divers, the blood definitely stays in the water longer than in the air
there just isn't a huge cloud that slowly diffuses.

There are most definitely sharks in Greece. They have nurse sharks and the like. Mostly not a major threat, just don't go swimming with fresh chicken meat or something.