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Analog collective not centered properly
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When using the analog collective, the neutral (middle) position makes the helicopter drop quite quickly. It would be better if a neutral stick would be a neutral lift helicopter (hovering).


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Set xbox or joystick y axis to analog collective, hover in helicopter, helicopter will fall to the ground without "up" collective input.

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EDIT: nevermind, I know what you mean now...but it's directly connected to #1970 and #2015.

I'm not sure if this is the same issue. I think it's really related to the fact that setting a curve for analogue controller inputs doesn't appear to work.

Say you need an input value of 40 to hover, but stick neutral is 0. By altering the analogue input curve (exponential/logarithmic) you should be able to have the stick neutral position be a value of 40. I've tried to do this in the setup and it doesn't appear to have any effect.

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1970 is this one so duh its related and 2015 was made later, hence the later number...

Rick, this one is 1704.

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You're right. Still the first one though.

They're not actually dupes though, so that doesn't really matter.

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I like how analog works.

Use the up/down keys to 'lock neutral lift' at the point you want it to level out.

Try it, works good.

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I am also having the issue that the helo drops quickly when collective lever is in a neutral position. I expect it to stay at that altitude when it has no momentum.

I use the xbox 360 controller and mapped the analog collective to the trigger buttons.
Expected behavior is when you give no input the collective is neutral and the chopper doesn't climb or descent.
But in the sim, the chopper descends quite fast.

I use a saitek X52 pro already made a tread about that thing not working on arma(not the most conviniant way) SO check it out. And i know what you mean by this. The controlls for joysticks and gamepads needs some heavy tweaking.

Wtf guys, there was nothing that was fixed in ticket nr. 2015 !
It is still impossible to use Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X throttle lever , to change the position of the collective. Only when i put my lever to 100% the helicopter starts to take off. Normaly it should take off when i put my lever 25% down just like in X-Plane 10 .

The collective in the control option has two different axis for lowering and raising the collective , there should be an option to choose 1 axis so i can use the collective properly like in X-Plane 10 !

if anyone got a solution for this problem please tell me !


When you have a T.Flight Hotas X . Which has a throttle lever and has 2 seperate axis in ARMA 3. You have to go the Lower Collective(Analogue) entry and first put your lever into the + Axis and then - , so that you have assign both axis to the Collective lower(Analogue) Entry !

This is the solution to the Collective PROBLEM !!!

Bohemia should have created another Entry which includes Collective(Analogue, Both Axis) !

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For my part, i have a hotas warthog. I use both throttle lever to control helo.
First is for air taxi and precise approach ( it remplace the keyboard tuch for power control).
It mean if i push i raise the power, if i'm in the midle i keep my atltitude, if i put it back i decrease my power.

On the second part of the throttle i put analogic setting to have the full power of the helicopter or the full minimum power to decrease my speed or altitude.

Add other bug, where is AMSL ?