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AI has 360 degree situational awareness and fires before fully turned around./ AI is too accurate,etc..
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I was stalking this trio of AI facing away from me, trying to get into a better location to attack from. All of a sudden, while scoped in, I saw one of their bodies turn around and start firing before the AI head had even turned around, AND it was a perfect shot.

If the AI is facing away from you they should have limited, if any, situational awareness of the environment behind them. In addition, even if the AI had heard me, it would naturally take several seconds to scan the area by sight ... not point and shoot at my head before the visual scan had even been started. {F17170}


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I've noticed it too. They're Superhuman, perfect accuracy, and see you from nearly anywhere. (obviously difficulty has been lowered).

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Yes me too.

You think that you are in a safe position but no!
IA kill you without put is gun face of you and the mission is lost --> very frustrating

I can't reproduce this in the latest dev build, they turn around fully before shooting

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I've managed to limit their view distance by lowering the maximum view distance on the server, however they can still flick 360 degrees to kill me and my team.

Even though overall it takes 2 shots to kill an enemy, they are able to snap around and with a single shot take out out at almost any range, leading me to believe that even at 3000m+ they are consistently able to take a single headshot sometimes even out of rendering range of the server, this can be very annoying. Also after playing domination for close to a week, even machine gunners standing up can spray 20+ rounds down range and be 80% accurate with every shot.

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Same also applies to enemy AI cars. They are able to shoot you from far distance with 100% accurancy and spot easily even if hidden under tree.

Also when you start shooting with silencer, they are able to identify your exact location even from far distance in seconds.

If you can reproduce the situation in a simple mission I will investigate.

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happened to me a few times also badly need fixing.
I think it will be hard to reproduce though, it's probably a glitch
since it's not happening all the time.

I'll try and reproduce this , otherwise it should be simple to prove if what people are saying is true. :)

We need to try this from both ends of the AI spectrum. So one run of each of these with a stupid and a smart AI.

Suggested tests:

  1. One OPFOR soldier located inside their weapons max range, with their back to you, fire a shot to miss while prone, how quickly did they kill you?
  2. One OPFOR soldier located just outside their weapons max range, with their back to you, fire a shot to miss while prone, how quickly did they kill you?
  3. One OPFOR soldier located an additional 200m away to the previous test(note distance), with their back to you, fire a shot to miss while prone, how quickly did they kill you?

Repeat step 3 as many times as you can.

Worth a pop anyone? its just a suggestion ;)

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I tried test 1 above on Veteran with me and AI skill at default (0.5), and all was normal. After 1st missed shot, he went to crouch, looked confused. Didn't shoot back till I shot again. He took 2-5 shots to kill me. More or less the same with 2 opfor AI facing away from me. There was no apparent 360 deg awareness and insta-kill. Dev build 0.71.107443.

AI's are using AimBot! Not fair, hehe. ;)

Voted Up.

I've had them land a shot near me from 500m away at night. When i'm invisible at that distance, even on thermals. At least, splendid camera didn't show me on night vision.

But yeah i've seen this not-turning around-but-shooting problem too.

AI is odd, they suck at close quarters but have almost perfect accuracy at longer distances.

This is a terrible ticket. Who votes for this crap and buries responsible feedback?

I was playing campaign yesterday night, on the 14th mission of the first bit of the campaign. When I get to the part where we have to run north to Evac Stratis the A.I that spawn from the Kajman on the hill some how just flick around then just one shot me after barely looking at me for a second. I've tried toning down the difficulty AND setting the enemy A.I skill value to 0.00 and they still pull this stupid move off. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP.

You really should add a repro mission for this (indeed terrible) ticket.

I placed an OPFOR rifle squad in the editor in a distance of 100m facing away from me with no foliage inbetween, broad daylight, no overcast with every soldier from the squad having a skill of 1.
Could easily sneak up on them crouched with slow walk, they didn't take notice of me until I was at a distance of 10m to them.

Added a repro mission for that.
AI doesn't have full 360° awareness.

I'd like to see a repro mission of this tickets description.

The general situation described should be improved by the recent work on AI aiming done together with the AI suppression package.

Please take a look at the today's devbuild and share your feedback! (as said by GhostOne - clear repro's needed for something to be fixed)

Thank you!