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Arma 3 on a dual monitor system, sometimes when im holding right mouse and some other key combo arma 3 minimizes to desktop.
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I think while im playing when holding right mouse and doing some other key or mouse presses i am seeing arma switch to my desktop and arma 3 minimizes. This has happened a few times now and its very annoying especially when in a fight.

Can this be looked at as in some key combos or something is making the game minimize to desktop? {F17136}


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unsure, i think in all cases tho i had right mouse button held possibly tho.

might only be doing this on dual monitor setups.

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Sometimes I see icons and windows being highlighted on my second monitor, I don't think the game actually captures the mouse cursor in the window.

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I have never had such an issue even though i had a lot of right-mouse clicking going on (I have an dual monitor system as well).
If you managed to reproduce the described issue, please let me know so I can try it out.

I'm also seeing this on a dual monitor setup.
The game minimises to desktop, bug appears random. Right Click seems to be the main cause, possibly when combined with other keystrokes.
Also present in ArmA2/OA.

I'm seeing this as well, although it's not limited to when the right mouse button is pressed. Basically, even though I'm in full screen mode I get mouse activity on the second monitor. This happens when I'm using maps and menus, (akin to full screen windowed mode), but also when I'm playing the game. The difference is that when I'm using menus the mouse cursor is visible as it moves on my 2nd desktop, and when I'm playing the game itself the mouse cursor is not visible, though still active. The reason I know this is that I have a desktop gadget showing the weather that has a "mouseover" effect, (aka tooltip, I think), that gets activated once in a while. Likewise, my taskbar is set to auto hide, and it will become activated when the mouse cursor is moved to the bottom of the 2nd desktop. This persists when gadgets are not active, by the way. I'm running an ATI card on windows 8. If someone is looking into this, I'd be happy to provide more information.

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build.

If so, please send us dxdiag and more detailed reproduction steps. Thank you.

I had this a few times today and it was maddening!! only way to stop it is to disable second monitor

Still getting this bug, however running the game in "Full Screen Window" seems to prevent this bug occurring.

Using Right Click when playing ArmA3 sometimes minimises the game window.
It seems like right click changes the focus from the active window (arma3) to the desktop resulting in the game minimising and disrupting play.

Steps to reproduce.
Dual monitor setup, main monitor used for 3D application (ArmA3).
Display Mode: Fullscreen (does not happen in fullscreen window or window mode).
Use "right click", bug only happens sometimes, but mostly when holding right click for a period of time, for instance when holding breath.

Added dxdiag.

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