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Optics in veichles does not work if bound to the same key as zoom/focus.
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As the title says, when in the gunner seat of a veichle, with the default keybinds. pressing right mouse button, even for just a tiny bit. does not engage the optics, instead it does nothing, or just zoomes the view onto the PiP view.

if i rebind the optics key, to somethign OTHER than right mousebutton. it works fine


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Get in gunnerseat with default keybinds. press right mousebutton

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I also have this issue in arma 2. i have a steelseries sensei mouse if you think that might somehow be relevant.

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This was in Arma II, and I also have both actions bound to right-mouse. I never thought of it as a bug, but I always got around it by pressing Numpad 0 (default Arma II key) to use vehicle optics. It still works for me in this alpha.

game ships with this bind as default, and not all of us have a numpad. if it ships with this bind, it should WORK with this bind.

Same issue. It is un-intuitive to have infantry optics view not work the same way when in vehicle. As stated, this is the default key bind.

if they could fix it for arma 2 aswell, that would be much apreciated :)

i think its a consesion to vehicles with 2 optics (i think the cobra in arma 2 was one) num 0 gave you the gunners view (with FLIR) and right mouse gave you the pilots HUD

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This was quite annoying already in Arma 2. I hope this gets solved for Arma 3. Infantry and vehicle optics should behave similarly.

while yes this is something that i would like to see resolved, it really is not a major issue as you have it labeled, its a minor inconvenience at most.

who the hack is downvoting this annoying bug? I hated it in any ArmA version before. Please fix it.

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We were unable to reproduce this bug.

Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build.

Thank you.

Ctrl-M2 can be used as an alternative for switching optics in a vehicle or as infantry. Try that out.

I suffered the same problem(so I upvoted this) but it's fixed in the latest build. If you are using the latest Development build, you should check again.

yes, seems to be fixed now.

Has apparently been resolved.

If anyone can still reproduce the issue, please ask for this ticket to be re-opened.