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Frames Per second ( not up to gaming standards)
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My FPS in game is around 20-25 in wilderness 5-13 in towns...

I have a Intel Core 2 Quad 2.8 processor and It is much higher than the standards of minimal requirements The proccesor cores run at around 80 % on low settings.

The Low settings on this game really look terible compared to other games
I heard that the dovelopers said that this game would be optimized

My GPU (Asus Nvidia GTX 560ti 2gb runs at 5% in large towns)I have tried all the settings "as far as ime concerned anything that looks a bit better than the lowest settings make the fps even more unbarable

I have 13 friends that play this game and they all have fps issues

Please optimize this game so it utilizes the full GPU performance.



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I think this is a main issue concerning this game.

I believe this was also a main problem in the Arma 2 series and was never resolved from 2009

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I have a ATI 6950 2Gb and I'm also experiencing a low framerate. This is NOT like in ArmA II which runs perfect. The game has to be made more stable.

I will try to upload a video about this soon.

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i have same problem with i5 3570K (not overclocked) and geforce gtx660 OC with high settings and wihtout antialiasing.

Edit: And ram 8GB PC3-12800U CL9-9-9-24 (DDR3-1600)

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I do get framerate issues as well, actually for example: towards the beginning of Escape from Stratis co-op, the framerate is pretty decent and playable but as we all progress towards the center of the island it slowly starts to tank until you're dealing with somewhat of a slideshow.

This happened both times I played the mission; a friend of mine seems to think there's a memory leak in the graphics department of the game because once you restart the game the framerate is back to tolerable speed.

Other people I've played with would also mention the frame rate drops as we progress further in the island.

Edit: I've added my DxDiag for any further analyzing.

I get great frame rates. Better than arma 2 actually. So I believe they are making good progress

They are making good progress on this issue, as performance has significantly increased since Arma 2.

But one thing I would like to mention: When playing this game, all settings that affect GPU performance is changeable, ie. you can fit the settings to the performance of your card. But with the CPU, the settings cannot change, so all PC's, no matter what the specs, run the same CPU code with the same overhead.

This is why Arma is so CPU demanding, since its designed not to scale with different CPU performances so gameplay can remain smooth and consistent. This is not a problem with BI's coding, but just a problem with the idea of the game: have the most realism possible. And all of those realistic processes and details take a lot of non-scalable overhead to run.

The reason why it cannot use the full potential of your GPU is since the CPU cannot dish out the instructions to the GPU fast enough for it to use all of its resources to process it.

Also, this issue has already been documented many times before on this tracker, so why did you not report your findings on those threads?

Duplicate of

My framerate and settings are lower than that of ArmA 2. If I had the same settings as ArmA 2, I would not be able to play the game. Better optimized? Not in my experience.

I agree! Based on my experience of having logged into many servers and playing hour upon hour, I have discovered gameplay is optimal at about 4 to 8 players, but when jips reach 20 to 40, the lag and loss of connection sets in. This makes the game totally unplayable at that point, and I have to disconnect, and find a server with less people.

As Crackman pointed out: #716