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Cannot equip clothes/vests/backpacks from a crate
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Even though it is possible to unequip clothes/vests/backpacks, it is impossible to equip them from a crate.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Approach Crate
2.Open inventory
3.Attempt to switch initial clothing for another (of the same side obviously).

Additional Information

This was mostly tested on the Wetsuit(BLUE), though later tests revealed the issue persists with other loadouts.

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This is on MP !
For SP works like a charm (for me atleast) but not on MP (works only for the host player if it's a private hosted server, for noone if it's a dedicated)

Yeah needs to be fixed, cant pick and choose backpacks in crates or clothing. Also I notice that backpacks do not STACK like ammo etc in the crates!

Can confirm on any side and any equipment, whether the vest, clothing or backpack.
You can only equip if server host drops on the ground first.

Not possible if running on "dedicated"

Can confirm this. Would love to see this get fixed soon for a "prison escape" mission I'm working on. :)

Would love to see this fixed! Be great to equip backpacks from a crate.

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Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build.

The issue persists even in the latest Dev build. If you're playing the game locally, everything works fine. But if you're connected to a dedicated server, you cannot pick up backpacks. This definitely needs to be prioritised because running the game from a dedicated server makes a very noticeable, positive impact on performance.

I can confirm this continues to happen in the latest Development build. It happens not only to backpacks but also to any item of clothing or vests.

It is thoroughly persistent and annoying for any and all players that are not the hosts of the server.

Still not working with beta...

I'm playing on Beta 0.70.106872 and I have the same problem, at first I taught there was something wrong with my mission, but then I saw this post.

The host of the server can pick up stuff from crates, but the regular players can't.

This bug is still very much present in v1.00.109911
Launch MPmission on dedicated server.
Access crate to change uniform or bandolier or backpack.
Observe that this does not work.

Changing clothes/bandolier/backpack works fine in SP and local host.

Edit: Appears to have been fixed in .110133
But now the inventory list goes back to the top every time I transfer an item to or from a crate. Its as if the gsme is hittin the "Home-key" every time.

"But now the inventory list goes back to the top every time I transfer an item to or from a crate. Its as if the gsme is hittin the "Home-key" every time."

this behavior should be fixed since DEV 110387(currently not on Steam servers - will be updated soon)

Equipping a vest from a crate on a dedicated is still not working with 1.02. Just tested it with 3 people.

do you have a "step by step" repro? These kinds of bugs is usually about asking non-local entity from wrong client so It is very important to add entities owner to repro steps like (client1: drop something into crate, client2: pick item dropped by client1, etc.)

Sure, here is the exact code I used during that test I mentioned. It was a dedicated server. 2 Clients were present at mission start, one JIP. None of those were able to take out the vests. Uniform was working sporadically. The rest (backpacks and headgear) were working just fine.

Maybe also worth mentioning that the crate was over it's intended capacity.

Executed from the crate's init line, the crate was B_supplyCrate_F:
nul = [this, "gear"] execVM "crate.sqf";

_crate = _this select 0;
_type = _this select 1;

if (!isServer) exitWith {};

clearWeaponCargoGlobal _crate;
clearMagazineCargoGlobal _crate;
clearItemCargoGlobal _crate;

switch (_type) do {

case ("gear") : {

		_crate addItemCargoGlobal ["U_B_CombatUniform_mcam", 10];
		_crate addItemCargoGlobal ["U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt", 10];
		_crate addItemCargoGlobal ["V_PlateCarrier1_rgr", 20];
		_crate addItemCargoGlobal ["H_HelmetB_paint", 10];
		_crate addItemCargoGlobal ["H_HelmetB_light", 10];
		_crate addItemCargoGlobal ["H_Booniehat_khk", 10];
		_crate addItemCargoGlobal ["H_Cap_red", 10];
		_crate addItemCargoGlobal ["H_Cap_blu", 10];


case ("backpacks") : {

		_crate addBackpackCargoGlobal ["B_AssaultPack_cbr", 10];
		_crate addBackpackCargoGlobal ["B_Kitbag_cbr", 10];
		_crate addBackpackCargoGlobal ["B_Bergen_mcamo", 10];
		_crate addBackpackCargoGlobal ["B_TacticalPack_mcamo", 10];
		_crate addBackpackCargoGlobal ["B_Carryall_mcamo", 10];




I bet that it will be something with JIP. thanks for nice repro.. going to check it

Still not working with Tested on dedicated all by myself, wasn't able to take uniform or vest from crate.

At least those items are now stacked, BUT ONLY FOR JIP.

STILL not working with 1.06.

FIXED in DEV. 113226 (will be distributed tomorrow.. maybe:-) )

It's still a problem, Backpacks are working for me but vests and uniforms do not work. Using it on a dedicated server.

Only way to grab the uniform or vest is to drag it into the ground and grab it from the ground.

My script is essentially the same as sxp2high.

Bump. Issue still persists as of 30.06.2014

Our big target in Multiplayer code is to solve proven or even possible duplication of items which represents a huge pain in loot based missions. We're currently on a good way to solve that kind of problems once for all. Right after that we will take a look on Global/Non-global commands, but I'm strongly afraid about the proper solution due to a fact, that Global/local commands completely break the whole A3(as for OA,A2,...) MP paradigm

Issue still exists as of 22-05-2015 .........