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Weapon Sway is Over the Top
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After entering into map from editor and looking down my weapons scope (no walking or running or any movement yet) the sway is waaaaaay over the top and needs to be toned down by quite a bit. It's rediculous the way it is right now.


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I don't have a problem with mine. My gun is perfectly still(nearly) when spawning, or standing around for about 30 seconds.

test it in the editor, using the default bluefor rifelman (with mx rifle). Place yourself on the runway at the airport, look down the SCOPE (dont use red dot, use the scope)...without any movement on my part the sway is unplayable as if im injured. I cant be the only one this is happening to can I?

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That's not over the top, it's realistic. Real scopes jolt all over the place with the slightest movement, and nobody can stand perfectly still aiming down a scope.

Crouch or go prone to stabilize your aim.

A quick video would help to see if your game is bugged and is swaying more then it's supposed to.

With heavily magnified scopes you're going to notice movement a lot, I have a 9x magnified scope and it's impossible for me to keep it still unless I'm lying down.

I should add that not all of the scopes have been added to the game, there should be a lot more added later.

To say this behavior is realistic is ignorant. You obviously have never used a scoped rifle IRL. The way this is working now happens to be the opposite of realistic...the only way I can calm it down is to go prone...kneeling only helps slightly.

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not sure wot gun i was useing,but it had a scope on and it was fully automatic,few shots and i was basicaly look up in the sky.and useing an xbox controller to play,took me over 5 seconds to pull the scope back down onto my target lol.

Is it about the same as this?

Remember you can hold your right mouse button to further steady your aim.

The sensitivity on Xbox controllers is usually extrememly low, since it's difficult to aim precisely with analog sticks, but you also have to remember this game is made for mice and keyboard, and mice are usually set at high sensitivity.

One thing that could fix that is taking smoothing off completely.

...just a note:

Originally I did NOT take the amount of magnification into account. After checking the magnification (which was 12x) I better understand the point of the excessive swaying, however if one holds their breath it should still be easier to steady the weapon, perhaps not PERFECTLY steady but still should be a bit better than the "hold breath" command is currently performing with this rifle in kneeling position.

It's really bad "FAKE" sway. It's completely game breaking bad. It creates nothing but mental frustration. Takes all the fun out of the game. and its completely unrealistic.

Half the time im shooting, I'm fighting the mouse and not enjoying the battle.. To the point it ain't worth scoping at all.

And this is experience in game from a 180 - 200m shot.

Anyone who says this is realistic moving up and having the pointer forcefully pull down, is completely full of it

Please refrain from personal negative opinion in the feedback forum. I will debate what I want and state what I want, without having you telling me what you think I am and know.

You don't have the slightest clue who I am or what my complaint is about.. To sit here and tell me I am ignorant, and never fired a gun before amkes you a blithering idiot at this point.

That's it.. even the dev feedback has been overrun with trolls... this game is doomed....


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Trolls, right, yes, you can say whatever you want but expect people to challenge you on it.

The only way to keep a gun rock steady is to put it in a vice, even laying down and holding your breath will leave a bit of movement, if all you're doing is kneeling and holding your breath then you can definitely expect movement since you're trying to hold several pounds of steel away from your body.

The reason people are saying you've never fired a gun is that if you had actually experienced what it's like to fire from a scoped rifle while standing, kneeling, sitting, prone, etc, then you would know that it is not nearly as stable as you seem to think.

Maybe you've fired guns before, but never from high enough magnification to notice the sway that is nearly always there. Just because someone challenges your claims and disagrees with you doesn't make them a troll, Mr. Melodrama.

Sway is near perfect right no. The ability to hold ones breath and stabilize the aim makes it totally possible to line up accurate shots at range... but as in reality, it takes time and concentration. This sway is one of the best things that happened to arma.

So you think fighting a phoney sway that actually moves against your movement is perfect? So you actually enjoy the mouse moving down, while you are trying to move up and have it got.. boop boop boop and move away?

Your an aimbotter who wants no one to be able shoot back.. plain and simple

no sh@t it sways... im talking about the fake counter movement when you try to adjust...... get a brain if you want to get personal.. lets rock

Yes it is perfect. You can hold your breath. End of story. And even when you don't hold your breath you can still effectively engage targets up to 300 metres from a crouched stance.
I have tried to reproduce this "fake counter movement" that your talk of but can't. The direction of the sway seems to be independent of the mouse movement.
I say this sway is near perfect because it creates fire fights that are not merely point and click affairs that end in a matter of seconds. It draws out the fight and encourages maneuvring to close with the enemy rather than plinking up on the hill top.
Oh and when shooting without holding your breath, going prone (ie when you have to fight the sway) don't try to compensate for it. Point at the target and then wait for the sway to point the weapon at your target. When it lines up take your shot. At least thats how I do it.

Ha now I read your previous reports in this issues and see I have wasted my time trying to explain myself to you. I find it extremely ironic that you tell me I am an aimbotter not long after you say:

"I will debate what I want and state what I want, without having you telling me what you think I am and know.

You don't have the slightest clue who I am or what my complaint is about.."
Needless to say I am not an aimbotter. Everyone experiences the sway in the same way - many are still able to hit just fine. Maybe the problem isn't the sway but rather your on ability/expectations.

you kids are giving me a headache, lets leave sleeping dogs lie and give it a rest since you can't debate like adults.

BIS will decide what THEY want anyway, and usually do not go with what the average casual gamer wants. If they go with the 10% hardcore crowd and keep the weird, fighting sway then that's the way it is and they will either pay the price or reap the reward via sales ultimately.

Each side has made their feelings known here, and that's all we can do...and it's all we SHOULD do. Bickering is a complete waste of time and brain power.


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It's ok as it is now. You're not suposed to be shooting at long ranges while standing. But if you really need a steady aim, you can hold your breath holding RMB (right mouse button), it will help a bit, but don't expect 100% accuracy while standing.

The sway was always part of the game franchise since OFP if I remember correctly, and as many stated it's not wrong per se, it's artificial, yes, just as many other things in a software, but it's not a bug and this is not a forum; this is a feedback tracker, more as such as a bug tracker, not a discussion board.

Hence this is rather something for

And to the OP: stay civil please - your behaviour would have brought you a couple of infractions on BI forums already.