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TrackIR 5 ZOOM-IN and OUT settings
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Under View controls, I configured my trackIR 5 to allow me to zoom in and out. It works except for a very important detail. There is no progressive zoom in or out. If I move a little forward it zooms completely in, if I sit at the back, it zooms out completely. There is no middle point, it is either in or out.

I have verified through my track ir manager program that it was not problem with the unit or the drivers and no, it zooms in and out smoothly and progressively as expected.


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Set a track IR 5 system, configure so that you can zoom in and out under views.

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did you have to manually set everything as well?

I am not sure what you mean.. I set every VIEW that is relevant to TrackIR such as, look left, look right, up and down as well as zoom in and out..

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I use trackIR and it works smooth, have you adjusted your profile in the trackIR software? If you haven't try to adjust the graph points so the movement is more spread out.

Just trying to help

Edit: Sorry I missed the part where you said you checked it

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I did not have to manually set anything, I just made used the preset controls for the Tir5. Doesn't work smooth for me but i like it.

Just to make it clear, I am using the standard profile set that comes with TrackIR. I've tried the default and smooth profiles. Both have the same effect.

Both of those worked fine with ARMA 2 and transition in movement was smooth.

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In Arma 3 Movement is fine however focusing/zooming does not work as it does in Arma 2

Just to clarify, when I'm saying movement, I'm talking about focusing. Focusing/Defocusing is a movement you do moving front to back, which is no longer smooth. I am not talking about other movements, just the focusing/defocusing (or zoom in and out) which does not have a smooth transition.

I can reproduce zoom no longer being smooth. It appears to be a switch along the axis. Once you cross a point it goes to max zoom. There doesn't seem to be any analog control of zoom along the axis

+1 for me. Map 'zoom in/out' to Z axis and you get either all or no Zoom unlike in Arma2. Not a trackIR issue as I was playing A2 all yesterday :)

This is a duplicate of 0001393

In development build (Beta under steam) I get entries for the old analog zoom. Now it's named "Zoom in (continuous)" and "Zoom out (continuous)".

I can confirm this also on TrackIR 5

Also confirmed using TrackIR 5. My profile for Arma2, which works perfectly in that programme, actually reversed the Z-axis controls in the Arma3 Alpha - I have to lean fully-back to zoom in - slightly weird. Using standard 'smooth' profile reproduces the problem as described by previous reporters.

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Issue closed as obsolete, seems to working fine with TrackIR 5. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.