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you can land your helicopter verry roughly without damaging it at all
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if you were to land your helicopter quite rough your helicopter wont get damaged in any way also if you hit lampposts you wont damage your helicopter at all.


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spawn a helicopter, try to hit lampposts and land without engine, highspeed or just try to beat it up in anyway.

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I like the way helicopters survive crashlandings without blowing up like everytime before.

"cutting" the lamp poles seems like a huge bug. It should destroy helos rotor blades at least, but not just cut the pole and fly without any damage.

I've tried the lamp post thing but the blades went through without damage to either helo or lamp post.

I don't understand why the helo takes damage from dipping skids in water and landing on buildings? I also quite like that it doesn't break down completley during a hard landing like in Arma 2. But I agree - they can take a bit too much punishment sometimes.

Some sort of balance between A2's and current A3's damage model?

There does need to be more of a balance. I do like that I can autorotate an succeed an emergency landing now, but my helicopter should take more then red instrument damage from the pilot being shot out and nosediving into the ground.
edit: I agree, a balance between the A2 and A3 damage would be nice..perhaps more damage to fuel, hull ect. pre-impact leads to a greater chance of exploding?

It would be nice when you make an emergency landing that the helicopter do not just stop in 0 meter when it touch the ground with high speed.

There is no way anyone can justify the amount of a beating the helicopter can take, it's ridiculous how hard you can hit the ground without taking any damage.

In saying that though, they will be adding the TOH flight model into the game a little later, there are just a few problems with it right now. The heli flying model we are using right now is just an updated Arma 2 one, and it's only a placeholder.

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The heli should definitely take a small amount of hull damage or something when you do an emergency landing or a gentle crash landing.
But I do NOT want heli's blowing up on the slightest of touches like in ArmA 2.

yea i like it better this way. in arma 2, if u came down just a little to hard the whole thing explodes, and thats annoying

I didn't know that they we're adding the TOH model into the game later. Can you link me to wherever they said that please? I just want to read the article. If they add that in, as long as its not as insanely complicated as TOH is, it should work for arma.

I've had multiple experiences where I've tried to purposefully destroy a helicopter by diving from high altitudes into the ground. When the nose of the helicopter hit the ground, it would bounce off with zero damage to any vital parts of the helicopter (the instruments were completely destroyed in one instance) and still be perfectly capable of flight.

I liked ArmA 2's damage model. It was very realistic. I don't want to sacrifice realism for the sake of a few kids who don't know how to fly well.

Gentlemen, if you had trouble in ArmA 2 with hard landings, practice.

In one of the most survivable helicopters to date, the AH-64D Apache, I believe the crew can be said to walk away without much injury in crashes up to 20 gs.

I believe the same degree of survivability was available in ArmA 2. The helicopter would probably never fly again, but the crew might survive.

I concur with The Coyote:

some modern military utility helicopters can handle pretty rough landings as long as you land on the wheels and let the gear do it's job. Blackhawks can attenuate over 10 G's of impact loaded up with a few thousand pounds of cargo/troops without letting the fuselage touch the ground. But the devil is in the details of each particular type of helicopter. Some are designed to do it. Others aren't. Of course, all bets are off if you land in an unusual attitude.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

This is quite literally the reverse of what I am experiencing.. I barely touch down and 2-3 items go red in the vehicle hud.

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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