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Ability to force graphical settings
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You could always disable shadows in settings and gain advantage over other players in multiplayer. Shadows play a great role in camouflaging and I do not consider this feature as minor. Same thing could apply for post processing effects or any other graphical setting, which can be lowered and provide unfair visual advantage.

There is currently setTerrainGrid command and it would be very great to see at least something for shadows like setShadowQuality or forceShadowQuality.

Mission makers or server admins should be able to control graphical settings one way or another, so that the game plays fair for everyone.


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but not with everyting
shadows = yes but post processing is just something that everyone has to decide!
i rly hate the effect it creates ... so i turn it of (nothing is shape anymore, motion blur, ... GAH just hate it)

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I agree, i know by changing the brightness you can see like its daytime via night visions, server admins should force a minimum standard to their servers and if the users can increase the graphics let them do so, but not lower them past the said limit

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You always can change brightness, gamma etc. directly at the monitor settings. All you do in the options is to adjust the game graphics on the hardware based settings. There is always a way to by pass this.

Why post processing is important? Such mods as ACE or any other mods can use postprocess for creating immersion effects, for example the state of suppression or fatigue or injury, BUT anyone can simply disable postprocessing, that's why there is only one way to create some obstruction effect in any state - to use some static image overlay or titleCut cutText, which is not very diverse...

Of course I agree, that motion blur or anything similar can be annoying and I personally always used "PROPER" addons for arma2 which disable such effects for weapons and vehicles, BUT I can't for example make any addon which uses postprocessing simply because anyone can mitigate any such effect :(

Practical example:

such addon must use postprocessing or it would not be possible to have such effect as blurred view and/or desaturation, but imagine if this addon would be used in multiplayer and anyone can disable this effects, which are the core sense of addon...

Main point of all this:

either postprocess or shadows are enabled/disabled via settings/scripting/addon it should be THE SAME for everyone in multiplayer, at least there should be necessary administrative controls for achieving it

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Déjà-vu :)

BI themself uses for example blurr in features like the A3 fatigue/staminia system. But what is the point of adding blurr it if the player can simply disable it by turning off post processing in the video settings...

Would be funny if you could setViewdistance 12000 or setMSAA x16. :P Anyway, upvoted. That's an issue for shadows and grass as well, in mp.

By the way you could always set "setViewdistance 12000" since OFP and no issue with grass (setTerrainGrid), most other options, though, are an issue...

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I don't see how turning off shadows would give me any advantage.. Quite the opposite! I now cannot see enemy shadows anymore.