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Smoke, deployed by smoke grenade, looks the same in air and water.
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Despite there are no wind in water(preventing the smoke to go sideways), a deploying smoke grenade looks the same in water as in the air.
I imagine the smoke in water should either come up to the surface in bobbles or simply clot on the seabed.


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any gas like substance would come out from the water as bubles.

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It would also be nice to see the gas canister on the ground while it is emitting the smoke, and a hiss from the canister as well.

Something tells me smokes shouldn't work underwater at all. IIRC, they generally contain a chemical compound that creates the smoke, not compressed gas. I don't think this reaction would occur at all in the water, or at least not the same way as it does on land.

Smoke grenades AFAIK usually contain an oxidizer mixed with the "fuel" (like KClO3,, so they can possibly continue to burn underwater (ref:

Should be fixed in current version of dev branch.

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