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Cannot fire weapon while close to (but above) the water surface
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When moving a soldier into waist deep water shots can't be fired from rifle when the weapon is CLOSE to the surface eventhough the muzzle is above water. The effect is the same as when you actually dip the barrel into the water.


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Walk into the water until the weapon ALMOST reaches the surface.

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you mean, that it is not possible to shoot out of the water? I tried to shoot from close under the water to a guard and it was not successful. Hope this will be fixed.

You can if you aim up a bit. It happens when the muzzle is a few inches/cm's above water.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Edited title for clarity.

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The ticket I made is more detailed, although it was closed for being a duplicate. I at least provided a screenshot and a more detailed description of the issue.

Once a ticket has been assigned to a dev (like this one has), there's not much I can do. Next time, search before posting and add your info to the existing ticket. ;)

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I understand, however, this ticket is too general. It doesn't explain how when the soldier's feet are on the ocean floor, shooting is available, but when the feet are off the floor(deep depth) shooting is unavailable. I'm sure the dev's understand it as it's easy to reproduce.

Also, there is no ability to plant explosives on a boat's hull underwater or even at the surface(when soldier is at the surface with head/weapon out of water).

Both these features are critical for a successful maritime operational gameplay. Being able to destroy ships docked in a marina or out at sea, as well being able to engage the hostiles once you have come to the surface is extremely important.

Imagine disabling a boat out in the water. You and your team surround the vessel and come to the surface with weapons aimed at the crew. It would be ideal to be able to toss a frag into the boat or to fire all weapons and killing all occupants. Same goes with coming up to the surface at a marina and being able to engage all hostiles on the dock. Or any hostiles on a beach.

I'm just trying to be as detailed as possible so the dev's don't miss anything.

Also, it says that the severity of this is at low or trivial. It should be much higher than that since Maritime Operations is huge selling point of the game. Especially with the upcoming addition of the MK 8 SDV. Amphibious based combat is a major part of this game. Having to wait till your feet are touching the floor completely ruins this type of gameplay. Just my opinion, but I'm sure a lot of other would agree.

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Issues are still present in the latest 1.02 :(