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Unable to customize XBOX 360 gamepad controls, default preset is unusable
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It is impossible to customize the controls because the button is always disabled. The default gamepad controls are unusable to due to dual mapping of turn/yaw right and fire.

Most useful would be a working default controller scheme.

Important is also axis customization, such as an option to invert the axis.


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You have to remove it from the device with scheme category, I believe you click disable to do so. Have you done this already? I was able to access deadzones after doing this, and bind the inputs on the device.

Nope, haven't tried that yet.
I'll report back when i did.

It is possible to customize the controls after disabeling. But I have another problem. I am not able to unmap the controller and I do not see bindings in the controles. for example "right rudder" and "fire" are both on the "right trigger" of the Xbox controller for the helicopter. I am not able to delete this bindings, or see the bindings in the helicopter menu. This should be fixed!!

There are several other issues in the system already describing that problem.
Shouldn't take long ^^

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Once you take off the scheme of the controller, delete any binding from it and start from scratch. I can now fly helicopters with the controller, but the Q and Z keys on keyboard do the collective faster then then the triggers do. I think the xbox controller driver have always been poorly made though as both triggers are on the same axis and not independent from each other, just really need to get a joystick and peddles and try hack kinect for track IR use.

Updated title and description for clarity.


When playing as infantry there are buttons without inputs such as "Y". When your legs get shot out you can't move forward. You cannot switch weapon or change fire rate. You cannot throw grenades. When your in the helicopter the right runder movement is the same as the fire button and you cannot do basic stuff in the helicopter such as, zoom, open map, change weapon, issue commands, etc.

I think the Arma 2 controls are near perfect for the 360 gamepad and should have the option to bring it back the same as the keyboard.

It is possible to reassign the controls with some success, but mapping an analogue control (trigger) to a digital input (fire) doesn't seem to work.

MadDogX - It seems that many of these comments have been listed as duplicates because they have do with the use a controller. Many say "unable to customize." It is not necessary to be able to customize the controller if a preset is established that makes sense. Below is a sensible way to map out the controller so no keyboard or mouse is needed to play the game. Doing so, by this or some other configuration, will drive sales exponentially. ARMA 3 is ready to increase its ease of play ability without losing the realism that makes it so special. What players love about the game is the tactical elements of the decision making process, not being a awesome typist.

Very common and familiar commands for Xbox style controller users:

Example: (Infantry): Left Trigger: Aim, Right Trigger: Shoot, Y (tap)- change weapon, X (tap)- reload, A (tap)- interact, B (tap) - ? , Y (hold) select from inventory display (grenades, smoke grenades, mines, explosives, whatever)(DPAD up/down to select), X (Hold) Change ammo type (DPAD up/down to select). B (Hold) ?

Left stick - move
Left Stick Click - Sprint.

Right stick - look around
Right stick click - Change stance (standing, kneeling, prone)

DPAD UP (solo)- Weapon light, DPAD DOWN - Night Vision, DPAD LEFT - rate of fire select, DPAD Right - NIGHT Vision Visible Laser

Right button hold - display team members (left side of screen). Left stick to desired member, then A to select respective team member(s) for orders.

Still Holding Right Button - The following orders options display:

(DPAD first press) UP - Formations
(DPAD second press) Left-column formation, Right-line formation, Up-wedge formation, Down-Vee formation

(DPAD first press) LEFT - Tactical
(DPAD second press) Left - Return Fire, Right- Fire on My Lead, UP- Weapons Free, Down - HOLD Fire

(DPAD first press) RIGHT - Spread
(DPAD second press) Left -Tight Spread, Right-Combat Spread, UP-Normal Spread

(DPAD first press) Down - Movement
(DPAD second press) UP -Move, Down - Move fast, Right - Attack, Down -Defend

Back button - MAP: While in map (contextual)- Left and right stick to move to desired area, A to select target location, Hold Y to bring up list of options (air strike, supplies, gun run, etc.) D pad up/down to select option and release DPAD to execute mission. press back button again to put away map. Also can use Right button Hold to Bring up team members to move them to spots on the map.

Vehicles - Right Trigger to Accelerate, Left trigger to brake or reverse. Left stick to steer, right stick to look up/down, side to side. Hold B to change Ammo type (DPAD up/down to select), Hold X to change weapon (tank main gun vs. .50 cal) (DPAD up/down to select). Left button to fire.

Aircraft - Move the yaw to the right and left buttons respectively.

Please consider this configuration or another that eliminates the keyboard & mouse. By making the commands contextual and using buttons in combination everything can be on the controller.

gotmikl, your config is too basic. Everything you have listed by team tactics can be done via "LB" then "1-9". You cannot put those kind of commands on cotroller as more inportant ones are needed. Most of the config is fine. All they need to do is put in a couple more important commands in and iron out the mistakes and glitches with the controller. Then they will have a massive shot in income and respect from controller players.

Everyone has a different idea about how to bind the controller buttons, so creating a one-size-fits-all mapping is not the solution. Sure, the default button mapping needs to make sense, but making the buttons fully customizable is the more pressing issue by far.

We a need a working default controller scheme first, though. Yes, everyone wants to customize to some degree but we need a working default because at the moment there are many other bugs to fix. We don't know how long it will take them to have a fully working customizable controller scheme (Such as War Thunder's amazing controller customization option) put in. If it's going to take time, I would have a working default first.

MaddogX, Having it fully customizable is a lofty long term goal, but for now I would at least like to be able to complete the major functions. 98% of players would agree we need to be able to (ASAP):

  1. Use the map (W/O the K/M)
  2. Access the inventory of dead quickly (W/O the K/M)
  3. Change firing rate and ammo type (including 40mm launcher) (W/O the K/M)
  4. Drive vehicles in a way that doesn't conflict throttle with camera

Some of this or other important items may already be mapped, but they is no diagram or schematic to tell you. Can one (without the keyboard and mouse) already: Throw a grenade? Switch to full auto or to the 40mm GL?

My list was in no way intended to be comprehensive or the final set up. But I, and I think most of us controller guys, agree with Williamz that we need a working default controller scheme first, even one that starts with the basics and adds as needed. Just as virtually all controller users expect X to reload, they are used to other "standard" features as well, e.g. (Right Trigger to accelerate vehicle, Left trigger to brake or reverse). So much could be done so easily with readily recognizable commands, it would tide us over until a more elaborate set up is designed. As long as it's reasonable and how it works is diagrammed, it might not even be necessary to offer complete customization.

Thanks, please keep us posted!

MadDog, I don't think BlackBeard is going change the description. The first part doesn't making any sense to the problem we are experiencing. Could you clean that up for the devs? This topic is a bit off. Many thanks.

@Williamz, post a suggestion for a title/description change here as a comment and I can change it for you. ;)

Couldn't now that this is going to be the main issue for controllers of any kind.

I only use it in vehicles or when I'm to lazy to plugin my joystick. Using it for combat situations feels kind of weird.

It seems locking these threads under one has kind of put you in a little problem hasn't it? :P I guess you didn't expect these kind of issues to creep up. I now see how you thought my thread was a duplicate. In sense, it can be picky what is and isn't a duplicate with this kind of topic. It's issues with the command itself you should be aware of. Like how my issues covered physical bugs as well. Such as not being able to move forward when your legs got shot out.

Well, either way, the devs need to see this. I would give this a title such as "Unable to customize and issues/bugs with 360 controller" or something along those lines. Then list some of the bugs I have posted and other issues regarding the viability of the default controller scheme. Not anything to do with customizing seeming that's already in the title, before and now.

I just don't understand what was wrong with the arma 2 controls for the gamepad... Why couldn't they have just kept it the same... >.<

Let's not allow perfection to become the enemy of improvement. That is what the Alpha is all about. Personally, I'm so frustrated with the fact that even the ARMA 2 controls, when selected, do not work (at all). That would be a major leap forward and allow me to test out the game. Please consider 0005716 as a potential rewording of the issue regarding establishing a greater degree of controller funtionality. Issuing all the commands without the use of a keyboard and mouse is easily achievable, has already been done before, and will not port over COD players. For now, though, I just want to be able to do basic weapons manipulations.

Just do not under any circumstance forget that the option to invert the Y axis is paramount and will make or break your controller users. (For example I can not play period unless my Y axis is inverted). And if their is no option for it, I can't play the game. (I have to use a controller for physical injury reasons).

CSR Kryssar: Most of us at this point have customized the controller. 1. The right trigger will not bond (function) to anything, including the obvious reason which is to fire. That remains a problem. It's listed as a crossed out duplicates of the overall issue, but in fact those players were ahead of the curve in terms of figuring out how to do it (customize the controller), and it is SPECIFIC to that key (Right Trigger). Please set up your PRESET configuration so that changes can be made it without WIPING OUT the rest of the settings, as it does not. Currently, you can use the preset (very limited functionality) or you can custom assigned everything, but you cannot modify the preset. 90% of us with controllers stopped dealing with this one because we figured out how to do it, even though its not perfect. I hope that helps as you try to resolve this for everyone. Thanks for the game, it's awesome!

Duplicate issue IDs:

It might seem obvious to assign the right trigger to fire, but its also entirely the wrong thing to do.

When assigning the controls, I think its important to be aware of what functions are digital in the game and what are analogue, For instance firing and aiming are digital, so while the temptation is to use the triggers for it since guns have triggers, the bumpers make more sense in the hardware available, as on the triggers you can't hold breath, since the aim/zoom+hold breath key is a toggle, but the triggers are analogue, when you let go of the trigger, you stop aiming, cos the trigger sends a signal that its not being pushed. But the bumper is a simple button like a mouse key and if you use it you free the triggers for analogue functions like Leaning, throttle in ground vehicles/boats and the rudder on aircraft.

The lack of attention to this issue is very frustrating. It seems so simple to do and yet it remains unresolved. There are so many core functions that remain unassigned to controller buttons and so many duplicates (wasted opportunities to assign an important function). The entire D-pad is not used. (The map - click once to see map. Click again to exit map. That needs only on button).
Night vision, binoculars, compass, sprint all unavailable via controller as of the .60 update, while two buttons are used to do one thing and many buttons remain unassigned. There are so many duplicates of this issue. The video on you tube has 3,000 hits on how to set up your controller. Let's put this issue to bed. Utilize one click on, click again off; assign every button it's own function until you run out of buttons and it's done.

Give us the option to use arma 2 default scheme, that was perfect!

This comment was removed by Williamz.

Rory, I don't think it was "perfect" at all. Better, certainly. There are as many duplicate issues as there are upvotes on this. The ARMA II set up still had a ton of unused buttons, two buttons to do one thing and so on. Anyway, until all the people who want this built into the game instead of using xpadder make some noise it's not going to get done. I do have xpadder set up myself, but it would be much better to design it into the game. The fear is that it will drag game play tactics into the gutter. I play single player more often than not and would like to be a able to do as much as possible as quickly as possible. If we could get 200 poeple to upvote this in the next couple weeks, we could jog their interest; otherwise, get settled into using xpadder as a permanent half solution.

As per Original Issue,[The default gamepad controls are unusable to due to dual mapping of turn/yaw right and fire.]

Please Fix I am having the same problem using a PS3 Pad and the DS3 Drivers, Emulating the Xbox for Windows Controller.

the major problem is that attack helicopters where you can shot while piloting have rudder left and right on the back L keys. also shooting is on back trigger .so its impossble toshot accurate because u always make a right turn

7 months later... Still no fix... If they really don't have the time then revert the controls back to ArmA 2 controls. They are prefect.

Almost a year later still no fix. This is why I am still playing arma 2 :OA. Thanks for nothing Bohemia dev team.

vanz added a comment.Jan 29 2014, 4:03 AM

I will request refund for this occasion.
If They are not going to support controller, They should not include it as one of the game features.

Give BI a little affordance here; Microsoft's xinput API is notoriously terribad to work with. I hope they can find a way to map custom inputs but for those who can't wait I suggest downloading an external profiler that allows you to remap the controls from outside the game.

please resolve!!!

Not gonna happen as long has this issue stays as a low priority. All the patching has been taking care of are "major" issues so far. Doesn't help that like any game's patching efforts every time a patch releases a new "major" issue crops up.

That being said I wish they would fix it. As of right now I can't fly jets or attack helos because of this. Idk about anybody else but the jet fails to even start while using a controller.

Why would anyone Downvote This?

Kb/M elitist who think controllers have no part in an fps on pc and they think we are at extreme disadvantage for trying to use a controller. They forget the 2 things at hand here.1. it is my choice on whether or not to use one and 2 there are people on here who have disabilities that prevent them from using a Kb/M.

What I want to know is why the moderators have this labeled as a minor problem / low priority?

I along with others refuse to play the game without proper controller support. I made the mistake of buying the alpha version back in the middle of 2013. If a expansion pack came out today I would not buy it. as of right now I have 40hrs played in Arma 3 most of which are trying to fix the controller issues myself. In Arma 2 oa I have 150 hrs played. Devs & moderators do you see a problem? Of course not you got your money already. Btw why the **** are improper swaying tree trunks labeled as high priority / major problem ???????????

I also want to add that the analog Z-Axis trigger works with firing a weapon when you have an Xbox One Controller enabled under the "Controllers With Scheme" section under configure controllers, and you can see the pre-mapped buttons in gray in the various control layouts (except for the trigger button(s) in the "Fire" mapping, but they still fire when pressed...).

If you have the Xbox Controller under "Customizable Controllers", the "Fire" command no longer responds to the same trigger as it did when the controller was under "Controllers With Scheme". It will still not respond even if you chose the Xbox 360 mapping under Customize->Schemes.

Since it appears Arma 3 has pretty good support for the Xbox controller overall, and the trigger button works when enabled under "Controllers With Scheme", I think this issue should be looked at as a bug at this point vs a low priority feature request.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

the Z-axis still doesn't work and it did work 1 day ago.

FIX this terrible problem Bohemia

the Z-axis still doesn't work and it did work 1 day ago.

hi there. i can report this problem is still present in 2019. i bought the game 2 days ago. i cant combine the Z axis triggers to zoom (on left) and shoot (on right) due to this. i do suffer from a disability so keyboard and mouse is not possible for shooting. also, the aim and turn speed is much higher on the controller preset than is possible when customising. i simply cannot set it to move at the same speed. perhaps i am missing something.

i hope after 4 years you can suggest a solution. apart from that the game is great.