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Piss poor performance
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While I know this is just an alpha, I seriously was expecting a bit more on the "performance" level. I'm running the build with a setup that's a bit over the recommended specs at and even below 30fps (and that's with everything on low/disable)

Also, it is good to mention that while playing, my GPU won't even go "full load" and will lose its load every now and then going from 18/20% down to zero and will stall my PC for a few seconds.
(This is monitored via EVGA Precision X)

This isn't quite important for now...

Anyway, here's what I'm running the alpha with

Win7 64bit
GTX570 (Classified/EVGA)
i5 2500k stock @ 3.4ghz (Quad core)
6Gb ram 1600mhz

Logitech G700 (Mouse)
Logitech G35 (Headset)
Logitech G510 (Keyboard)


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Open, Join, Play, Shit happens, Keep on playing, Shit happens, Keep on playing, over & over 'til I'm bored.

Additional Information

Like I stated in the above... my GPU won't even get passed the 20% load mark which is really weird, any other games I play, my GPU wants to meltdown running @ 99%

It's cool... and by that I mean, fun that my GPU stays cool but that's not quite what I'm looking for here.

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Please edit your issue so that it is a well written bug report. If you want to rage post, there are forums for that. This is a bug tracker. Give your PC specs, video settings and where you are and what you are doing (even if its anywhere / anything). You have already made some good points about low GPU usage, but without game settings it's hard to know what's doing it.

Also, remove the rage stuff, it just dilutes your message and makes you seem less reliable as a source of information.

DooM added a comment.Mar 6 2013, 10:23 PM

Don't get me wrong, I was having a good time and this ain't no rage post.
I'm sorry if you thought I was raging, I was not.

I was just stating that the alpha "for now" is almost unplayable at this time.
I also know that this is just an alpha and it's not meant to be optimized or anything as such, it's mostly there to let us see what it's going to look like (and it's also there for people to find majors bugs and stuff.)

Thought... if you wanna help me make this post a bit more helpful, I'll do my best in providing you all the info you need so that you can fix the issue for a later build.

Again, I'm sorry about my poor choice of words... this wasn't a rage post or anything as such, just trying to help.


DooM added a comment.Mar 6 2013, 10:33 PM

PC Specs:
OS: Win 7 Home 64bit
CPU: Intel i5 2500k Sandy Bridge (Quadcore @ 3.4ghz stock)
GPU: Evga GTX570 Classified
Motherboard: Gigabyte P67AUD4B3 rev.1
Ram: Corsair vengeance 6gb DDR3

Issue encountered: GPU barely going over 20% load while playing and systematically drops to 0% while playing making the PC stall for a few seconds and then goes back up to its original state (20%)

Step to Reproduce: There's is not really a step to reproduce this bug/issue other than play & wait since it's systematic.

Additional Information: Please note that it happens in both multiplayer and showcase (single player) I have tried several video settings, from "recommended" to "low/disable" and I haven't seen much of a change, GPU never got over 20% load no matter what I did and it kept on stalling after a while (5/10mins intervals)

SGTIce added a subscriber: SGTIce.May 7 2016, 10:54 AM

Crank your Video card memory to high, see how that works out & disable post processing.

While i get your point it is written very unprofessional. We are here to make BI's job easier. This post in this style makes it harder for them to acquire your/the problem faster or in an adequate time and manner.

Also and as always: vsync is on by default. Disable it if you haven't already done so. HDR is a glutted performance muncher.
Why the GPU performance payload is in some games so ridiculus low and the game 's running poor at the same time seems to be a common problematic on out beloved platform. I think it's due to the fact of the sheer variety of available GPUs and system combinations- Lately i've played Deus EX:HR with exact the same problem and this game is far away from outgunning my system.

I much prefer the second one :)

Thanks for taking the time to rewrite it. This bugtracker works much better when they have nice clean reports like your second one.

As a piece of advice about the actual issue, there are certain settings, like shadows, that when set to the lowest settings often cause worse performance, as the calculations move from the GPU to the CPU. I know you said you tried recommended settings, so it should be set to GPU on your system. Not really sure, but just keep it in mind.

DooM added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 12:44 AM

No problem Zalifer.

@SGTIce, I'll give it a try but for what's of the post processing, it didn't have any kind of impact on my GPU at all.

@Sgt.Knumskull, DayZ is giving the same kind of issue but at least the game make full use of my GPU before dropping it's load down to 0%.

DooM added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 8:23 AM

UPDATE: After messing around with the settings a little, I managed to "fix" my GPU issues. Running @ 80%+ (still not a full load) and with virtually no "stall" at all.

I've went back to "auto-detect" settings, dropped the view distance a bit and it seemed to have help a whole lot. (Please note that I'm not sure if it has anything to do with what I did or if a patch was applied to actually improve this aspect of the game.)

Luckz added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 8:35 AM

fwiw, my nVidia 670 doesn't even run at 3D clocks in Arma3 most of the time.

DooM added a comment.Mar 13 2013, 11:14 AM

UPDATE: After further testing, I've decided to use my CPU to run the physix engine rather than my GPU, it seemed to have helped a bit too. I now have no GPU load loss and the stalling has stopped completely.

Also, I've overclocked my GTX570 (classified) up to some high values, that also seemed to help a lot.

What a piss-poor report! Learn to use the tracker properly; or better yet, up-vote one of the other 20 "crappy performance" threads so it's easier for the devs to track.

If you're not serious with your reports, I'm sure the devs could give two shits about your problem(s)

No use, don't add a note if you're not helping.

They don't want 20 people posting their dxdiags in one report.

Not to mention you like many seem incapable of reading the time stamps, this was on the 2nd day of the Alpha, this was the original performance report.

DooM added a comment.Mar 14 2013, 5:35 AM

Unfortunately I couldn't edit the original report... I had to add a note to fix my mess. I was tired when I first written the report, couldn't find the correct words to explain everything in a way that could really be helpful but ... hey, if you bother looking down a bit, you'll see a better, much better performance report.

I've been trying since then to add more to the report as I kept on playing and experiencing with performances issues.

So yeah, thanks.

The performance issue due to under-utilized hardware has been reported here: #0000716

Feel free to vote it up.