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[Feature request] Allow users to change UI colors (accessibility for the color blind)
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Would like an option to change the color. I am colorblind.


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I am colorblind. I have the same problem in Arma2.

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They are actually hard to see for everybody on ArmA3, they really need to add contrasts

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I'm only mildly color blind and I've never been able to see the waypoint markers or the carrot that shows where you are supposed to be in formation. An option is needed to choose any color you want for HUD indicators.

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Yes Aanorn I should have mentioned that this also applys to waypoint markers and the caret. Thanks to you and Propekt for commenting/voting.

I thought you can set all this in the Game Settings menu. I haven't really tried tweaking it though.

Clarified the title. (And voted up.)


unfortunately the colour settings menu does not adjust waypoint matkers and caret. It does adjust the ever so important crosshairs, though.

I am not colour blind but I am voting this up.

Thanks MadDogX. That is a better description. And thanks for clarifying the issue alpha-kilo. I did try to change the settings in the color menu, but as you mentioned, I could not change them.

Could you please confirm if waypoint color remains unchanged even after the game restart? There's supposed to be a prompt message advising you to restart, but it's missing due to a bug (which we're fixing now ;)


I tested again.

Test conditions:

Game started, closed, and started again.
Showcase: Vehicles
All addons disabled
Colour settings:
Background: red 0%, green 0%, blue 0%, alpha 50%
Active Elements: red 100%, green 100%, blue 0%, alpha 100%
Warnings: red 100%, green 50%, blue 0%, alpha 100%
Errors: red 100%, green 0%, blue 0%, alpha 100%


The "steal"-marker appears in yellow as expected. I added a new waypoint marker by clicking [L-SHIFT]+[LMB] in the map. This new marker appeared in white. Both markers are transparent and barely visible in the centre section of the screen. When I change direction so that the markers are at the edge of the screen they are clearly visible. I guess that the alpha value of 100 applies for the edge of the screen and in the centre it may be around 40.

I changed the alpha settings in the colour menue in order to get a better idea but this did not have any influence on the markers ingame. The alpha settings only seem to work in the little screen in the options menu, but not in the game.

The font makes it difficult to tell certain numbers apart. This has been reported elsewhere but I am repeating it here because it is even worse when the numbers are transparent.


I would prefer to have both markers in the chosen colour (in my case yellow). The markers should not be transparent in the centre of the screen. If it was a design decision to have it this way, please give the player control of the alpha level in all areas of the screen. I like the fact the carets for the official marker and the personal marker are different. So they cannot be confused even if they are in the same colour.

I hope this information is useful for you..

m5xjr added a comment.Apr 7 2013, 5:59 AM

Hello Moricky,
Thanks for taking this on. I have been able to change the waypoint marker color by changing the "Active Elements" in the color options (thanks for the restart tip). It is better, BUT I now realize that the problem is not totally because of my color blindness. Alpha-Kilo is SPOT-ON with the transparency issue. Like him, I want yellow (I can see colors, it's just a color perception problem compared to those who are not colorblind). After I changed the color, I COULD see the waypoint marker better, but the transparency has me losing it. In Alpha 2, I just moved the mouse to bring the marker to the edge of the screen to see it easier and get my bearings....certainly not a good option. I CAN see the designators for squad members very easily, but they are not transparent. I suggest that the waypoint markers be changed to be the same as the squad markers....Solid and "in my face."
I still have not found a way to change the target designator color. I think, in this case, the problem is that I am colorblind. They are nearly invisible to me at the default color....Red, I believe. In my perfect world, I could change this to be the same as the waypoint marker color....It's easy to differentiate a way point from a target just based on the symbol. Of course I also want it to be solid rather than it currently is. Others may disagree because it may cause confusion with "friendlies." They may be right, but I won't know until I can change the color.
Again, thanks for taking this on, and I appreciate your time in improving this feature.
Best regards,

m5xjr added a comment.Apr 7 2013, 5:53 AM

Oh, and I can't explain how happy I am with what your team is doing. Sure, we all paid for an Alpha, but I did it with confidence, knowing what a quality company you are. Bohemia has not disappointed. Amazing. Thanks!!!!

m5xjr added a comment.Apr 7 2013, 6:30 AM

The plot thickens....It's not target designation colors that I need changed, it's the ability to change the default "Side Marker" colors. I can't see the RED OPFOR designators.

voted up. Needed

Side colors can now be customized in OPTIONS > GAME > COLORS > Map

While we have no plans to change the defaults (with 5 available sides, I'm afraid there are always 2 which are very similar, either for colorblind or for players with unaffected vision), the new options should at least give you ability to tailor the colors for yourself.

Mass close.