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Requesting abilty to aim grenades.
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It would be nice to be able to be able to take the time to aim a hand grenade before throwing it.


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Agreed, in Arma 2 it was a hassle to do so, but now it's just impossible.

ShackTactical's video showing the grenade mod would be fantastic.

Agreed. I hate the current grenade animation.

Grenades have varible fuses in reality. Given this is a simulation. "cooking a grenade" would be unrealistic. I gaurantee you, no one cooks a deadly explosive device with possibile innacurate detonation times in real life.

I think that's untrue, just because it has a variable fuse doesn't mean they don't know how long it is.

For example, one grenade has a fuse of 15 seconds, another has a fuse for 13 seconds. Someone wouldn't hold it for 12 seconds, they would hold it for 5 maybe 7 seconds and then throw it.

You have no clue how a greande works at all. That is apparent to me now. The fuse is not lit while holding it, it is lit upon relase of the grenade from the hand causing the lever to relase the striker. Once the striker is released the grenade will explode in 4 seconds (hopefully) once the fuze is lit. Call of duty or any other game that has used grenade cooking should not be refrenced for a source. Reality should when dealing with a simulation like ARMA series. Otherwise the point of calling it a simulation is irrelvant. There is not one person on this planet in a proffesional military who recommends cooking a grenade. If you find one, do not join them. They are idiots. Note I never said no one has ever done it, it is just damn stupid. The best alternative to tossing a grenade and reducing it's fuse time from being intercepted and thrown back, is to bounce the grenade off of a surface. THAT is trained by the military and the recommended method.

I agree there should be some sort of aiming for your grenades.

If you've ever played SOCOM on the PlayStation 2, you might remember the visual path it showed that your grenade would take upon throwing. This would be supremely beneficial for the ArmA series.

I couldnt find a picture to show what I'm talking about so I made a really sloppy one.

(Hopefully the link works) I'm showing the projection of possible grenade landing, and trying to make it more realistic by giving you a possible AREA of grenade landing, that way it's still fluid and realistic, but you don't overthrow or underthrow your grenades.

I vote up for aiming but not cooking.

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Why cook grenades? They can't be tossed back.

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The cooking is not really important, the problem in every game is that you don't get the depth and the force applied to your sensors.
The solution would be to put a script with a limit for the min-max distance (I don't know how far you can throw a grenade IRL) and a point for the land position.
The aim point could be placed by the player on the ground to designate where the grenade is going to hit and bounce. Then a script would adjust the throwing by itself and put the grenade where the aim point was, I mean including some bouncing afterwards of course depending of the power/height (more power = more bounces). Just my thoughts.

@scrim to peak around corners and then trow instead of peak (maybe even die while starting to trow) and then start the animation, so its quicker. but i mean cooking with the spoon still on, not to get a faster explosion

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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I only like to see grenade cooking. Not being able to precisely aim the grenade as in A2 I like. Throwing a grenade precisely was way to easy in ArmA 2, now you need to do it on feeling and you get better at it with practice. If you do not like how it is now then practice the throwing more.

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ASSASSYN360 is right, as an ex infantry I can confirm cooking is FORBIDDEN as an order!
and it's 4.5 seconds btw ;)

Back to topic, I think OPF / ARMA1 /ARMA2 grenade handling was way too cumbersome but
now it's too simplistic, it should be somewhere in the middle.

The animation is OK more or less (they could add the pin release animation, that in it's turn will eliminate the frag spamming also) but atleast it's not as cumbersome
as it was before with this circle thing and all.

All that should be done is make a grenade as a selectable like before but keep it's
throwing simplicity like now.

Though I must add you can more or less aim the grenade now.
you just look into the sky and throw it.

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If you cant aim - problem is in you, not in the grenade system.

I love current grenade throwing. It is realistic and very efficient. Once you master it you can start to conquer the world. I finally can repeat my grenade throwing skills from my real life. =]

Take a petard in your hand and cook it before throwing away. Than after 2-3 out of 10 blew up in your hand go take a grenade and repeat.

I agree with aiming, but not cooking. But don't give us something like the Army of Two, where it showed you exactly where it would go. just a general idea. There should still be a lot of skill involved, similar to the way it is now.