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No Surrender Key
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Im fairly sure there was a surrender option in the controls for Arma 2. There appears to no key for surrender in this alpha with hands raised above the head.


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Look at infantry movement.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I would like to see the surrender animation this time work until you tap the key again and the ability to walk with your arms up.

The problem with it in Arma 2 was you could not walk while having your hands behind your head and that a singke key press did not keep your hands behind your head. You had to spam the key to keep your hands behind your head.

I hope to see this animation with a key bind soon!

See Bug #5926, "Surrender superspeed"

I'll post my post there how to enable the action Surrender.

How to enable the Surrender Action by binding to a keyboard key:

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  1. Manually edit the user profile file text file (ie: roger/My Documents/ARMA 3/roger.Arma3Profile) with a text editor.
  1. Find the Surrender action and bind to key "27" which designates the ']' key.

Currently, this abnormal movement is fixed but now I cannot undo the surrender action, or un-surrender! The surrender action simulates invisible handcuffs or an invisible jail preventing the user of any movement, which is unrealistic!

In reality, the person capturing an individual must first guard or further imprison the individual.

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Additionally trying to get out of surrendering, I've found I can still toss fragmentation grenades, smoke grenades or chem lights. Quite humorous but seems realistic as it is possible to hold something within your hands while they're raised and/or within the vicinity of pockets! I can also reload my weapon using both hands, but then my hands return to being raised. Still can't un-surrender.

It's been a over a year and we still have no surrender option. Much less so ability to walk with your hands up. :(

Would be great to have this, in arma 2 we had this too. Just if you could walk with your hands up would be good.

In arma 2 I think the npc's kept shooting at you even though you surrendered. Kind of useless then.^^

Any news on this issue?

Removed: Surrender action from subordinate action list

EXE rev. 129407 (game)
EXE rev. 129407 (launcher)
Size: ~45 MB

We can no longer surrender??

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(Charges into battle)