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"No direction indicator for gunner positions while in Ifrit, Hunter, Strider, Attack boats, or Wheeled APC."
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There is no way of determining the direction the gun is facing, even when occupying the gunner position of a vehicle. This makes it hard to tell team-mates where enemy forces are. I had to stop "sighting" the mounted gun to bring up my compass to let my team know which direction the enemy was.


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get into a vehicle or boat as gunner.
  2. Right click to enter fullscreen mounted weapon screen.
  3. Observe that there is no indicator do show what direction you are looking.
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To preserve immersion i belive it will be sufficent to add some sort of element in the fullscreen HUD of the mounted weapon.

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Extend this to the speedboats aswell, they do also not have a direction indicator.

Ditto. I made note of the speedboats lacking the ability to trigger the compass with the "K" key within Bug #0003991; due to the fact this bug lacked the exact details of my bug.

Maddog seems to thinks my bug is a duplicate for some reason, so will tag along on this bug report. Shrugs.

I disagree with Maddog on this, but either way, i checked and can confirm that you can not use the compass at all whilst in a boat. (you can do it just fine in the vehicles, but the availability of the compass is not what this thread is about).

It is about getting a direction indicator on the fullscreen mounted weapon screen.

It really hurts, when I play without HUD waypoints and try to navigate in a boat without compass.

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Similar problem with new apcs, there is no way to check the direction, especially when you are using only 1st person.

Suggest renaming the topic to include APC's then.

  • "No direction indicator in Ifrit/Hunter or boat gunner positions"

++ "No direction indicator in Ifrit/Hunter, boat gunner, or APC positions"

Updated with info to encompass the Wheeled APC's

Also want to note that whilst the Tracked APC's does have a compass similar to the aircraft radar, it looks really bad and i hope you will consider a better system.

"No direction indicator in Ifrit/Hunter, boat gunner, APC positions, and/or other vehicles and/or passenger positions"

Driver and passenger positions are not applicable here, they can use a compass. When you are in a gunner position and are in the fullscreen mode of a mounted gun you are unable to use a compass.

Which is why those screens need a direction indicator, preferably in degrees. they only have that for the gunner positions in the tracked APC's and Helicopters. And even in them it's the awful "radar" that the aircrafts use.

Oh. That's right. Gunner positions have no keyboard activated compass.

For a second, I thought you also meant passenger positions of APC.

So, "No direction indicator for gunner positions while in Ifrit, Hunter, boat, or wheeled APC."

This might be a little clearer, as the sentence structure puts initial emphasis on "gunner position" versus possibly mistaking the gunner position for only APC. Just a thought. ;-)

Good idea, also noticed i've left out the strider. :)

Sorry to the moderators for making a mess of the notes with constant name changes.

Byku added a comment.Aug 16 2013, 5:34 PM

I hope they will do something before the release :) and... bump.

Here is small gallery to show off what vehicles have and have not proper bearings indicators and proper hull / turret / commander orientation indicators,

This is something that needs to be fixed by devs as operating something like AMV-7 without indicators like e.g. Panther has is just pure pain and frustration.

Thanks for the gallery link Tovarisc. I agree that this has to be dealt with before release.

Byku added a comment.Sep 1 2013, 6:02 PM

Ok so they've done it... although it could be done better and in a more authentic way(part of GUN hud, or Arma 2 style compass at the top of the screen), anyway thanks guys! :)

I belive it's a work in progress, and that they possibly used that solution so people could atleast use mounted weapons effectively for now.

Current devbranch have some new optics for the main tanks that looks nice, but the same old booring compass is there aswell unfortunately.

Atleast it works. :)

rogerx added a comment.Dec 3 2013, 8:15 PM

02-12-2013: EXE rev. 113082 - Added compass to all positions in Speedboat

(I guess we're finally heading in some direction now with this bug?)

Confirmed fixed except for Strider commander, which is covered by

rogerx added a comment.Feb 1 2014, 4:22 AM

Yup. It's truly a joy riding in the Co-Pilot seat and now being of some use to the pilot!

And, Gunners also know where the targets are without the pilot needlessly consulting with the gunner!

I've documented my Bug #9701 "Copilot Cannot See Radar!" and suggest closing that as well, as long as all co-pilot seated vehicles have view of the radar.

About the only current omission, is the fact Co-pilot and Gunners still cannot deploy countermeasures, for which some mentioned should be possible?

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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