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Hand grenades are OP against buildings
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Tried on the airfield's control tower and nearby town's builings.

The airfield's control tower just gets 2 frag grenades to collapse, other buildings in the nearby town (north-east) take 2 or 3 grenades depending on which building it is. {F16859}


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Just throw 'nades to buildings

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I was very surprised to have the control tower fall apart around me while testing grenades. Two grenades do indeed do the trick.

I should be able to thrown grenades all day in a concrete building. It'll destroy all the windows and doors, but the structure itself shouldn't fall apart.

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Agreed. I was surprised too when a single RGO fragmentation grenade blew holes in buildings. Should be fixed.

Keep this report alive with comments plz, help me to get this up to devs.
It's going to be a major issue for when it comes to 20 / 30 players PVP scenarios

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That's odd, I had the complete opposite impression with grenades! While playing the infantry mission if you toss nades into any of the towns buildings (down by the beach) nothing at all happens.

Yeah they are underpowered against infantry and vehicles, but totally OP against buildings ! (shit is fucked up xD )

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You can break a concrete fence using pistol rounds... Looks hilarious when you try to shoot a guy and one of the bullets depletes fence's "healthbar", so it just slowly drops on side :D

Nades need to re-done in general. They have to be as ACE granades - like simulate fragments of granade for appropriate types.

Delicious nades. Good to know next time I play

I grenade knocked over a concrete wall.

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We were not able to reproduce this bug.

Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest developement build.

I went around throwing grenades at random buildings and the problem seems to be not present anymore.

This issue can be closed.

Thank you!

Khan added a comment.Apr 22 2013, 10:08 AM

Issue was looked into and fixed/tweaked as designed.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it, keep up the good work and help comuinty and developers to build better game for all.

Mass close.