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Team Killing whit no punishment.
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Today i bought the alpha. But sometimes its hard to play on deathmath games because of all the team killing. I may have been team killed/spawnkilling over 20 times


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Join a game and kill all your team.

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It's annoying when it happens but the best thing about ARMA is the freedom to do everything and anything. Installing a manditory no friendly fire or friendly fire punishment would detract from the realism of the game.

dont get discouraged, servers will eventually start kicking and banning people. just switch around to the right servers.

Come on what happened to realism

there are all the "Issues" saying that the faction you are on should have markers above there heads.

yea because that happens in real life (Sarcasm)

in real life there is no markers or punishments for that matter, if you kill a friendly then you should have held off the trigger for the time it takes to identify friendly or foe.

maybe just maybe for the lower difficulties but still that is a stretch.

umm skorpion.. i dont think anyone is debating natural friendly fire/accidents/fog of war stuff.. but we both know that there are deliberate team killers who will slay the entire team as soon as u spawn. so all he needs to know is to join a server that has active admins to get rid of the VERY UNREALISTIC TEAMKILLERS.

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There were respawn protection scripts in Arma2. I strongly sure such scripts will be done in Arma3. That shouldn't be a developer's headache. Downvote.

agreed. I just wanna support a new player like the poster. and let him know that some servers will help his experience.. Michael, make this post resolved so u can delete it

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Agreed: this *is* a problem on many MP servers. But it's not something that should be enforced by the game itself - the choice to allow or artificially punish teamkilling belongs to the mission maker and server host.

The very most, if anything, I'd like to see from BI is an easier setting for servers to auto-kick/ban players based on a couple of simple conditions. Experienced hosts won't need it, but it would make life simpler for hosts new to Arma.

Team killing needs to be handled on a per-mission basis. Closing.