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squad.xml url turns to uppercase
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Squad xml url location will turn to uppercase despite of how it was typed originally. After saving, going back and forth in the menus, and then looking at the url again, its all uppercase. This way squad.xml can not be found in major of linux web servers where case matters.


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1# type url lowercase
2# save and go back to previous menu
3# come again to submenu showing url
4# all uppercase

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Also no info in displayed in game as my squad.xml it is in the right format right?
so is it my error or is it related to this bug

Workaround: rename the xml file and path uppercase!

Same for here, i set my squad url and uppercase cause not work

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Same issue, where is changes to upper case and becomes invalid with no image.

This issue should be fixed in the latest dev build. Please check.

The issue has been fixed.

Confirmed fixed.

Mass close.