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Drastic server FPS drop after 15-20 minutes on custom missions
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I've set up a server (through arma3 -server) and with my DM scenarios available at ArmaHolic ( Its the TDNL pack ). But after 15 to 20 minutes of gamplay the server FPS just plunges below 10 FPS, no matter the hardware I throw at it.

Coming from Arma2 I can't imagine why 20 vs 20 infantry would so heavy. Since there is no AI and little to no logic involved.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load up a (custom) mission.
  2. Start the server with -server
  3. Play a while
  4. See Server FPS drop to below 10
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Might be a precursor of #0000122

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Have you tried using the graphics flush command?

I am talking about the server FPS. The stuff you see when you type #monitor on a dedicated server.

I thought it was one of the server sided scripts, but this isn't the case. There is a scripts that checks if a player has a score of 100 and checks this every 2 seconds. Thinking this was heavy, I added an additional delay having it check every 20 seconds. But still the server FPS drops below 10-15 after a few minutes when 40 players join the server.

The modified version is available here:

I see this behavior as well, even on VERY simple missions. The server we are running it on typically can run two wasteland servers completely full (80 slots) without issue for up to 12 hours.

15-20 minutes into a 40 person game shows that the server FPS is down to ~1-5 (if lucky).

With a headless client doing all of the AI calculations the FPS drops just minutes after mission start.

can you provide a simple repro mission, as mso is script heavy and creates enemy by player proximity. with 40 players and too high settings it could also be just overdosed.

Thats what ive been noticing, the longer you stay in a server the worse it gets. custom maps are an issue on this game

Is this issue still valid?


Last night I pitted twenty to thirty players against about three-hundred AI offloaded to a headless client. Nearing the end after approx 1-1.5 hour with only 20 enemy infantry left the server FPS dipped into a single-digit number.

The Deathmatch that followed was sparsely visited, so I can't really tell whether this issue is still valid.

Somehow 15-20 players with simple scenarios seem to be a tipping point concerning server FPS. Even with a low playercount the server FPS just seem to decline after a long (hour+) enough time into the single digits.

Sounds to me like there's still something wrong with the servers, performance-wise. Marking as reviewed.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.