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AI Detect when a friendly vehicle was destroyed no matter distance if was destroyed within VIEW distance
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AI groups,over 5km away are able to know about a friendly vehicle that gets destroyed by enemy side from distances they really shouldnt. No modifiers to AI skills.

UPDATE: Happens IF the vehicle in question has a turret. "Hunter unarmed" = AI dont know about it. "Hunter HMG" = AI do know about it.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

place player at stratis air base. Place a few NATO groups of infantry on Stratis Air base. Place a few CSAT tanks in Kamino firing range(5km away)

Give a friendly APC a WP to move to enemy position. wait until enemy destroy it. observe friendly AI go into combat mode and report enemy vehicles. ISSUE IS CAUSED BY VIEW DISTANCE/IF VEHICLE IN QUESTION HAS A TURRET.

steps: set view distance to 5000, play mission,watch NATO AI go into combat mode from a vehicle being destroyed 4km away. restart the mission with view distance of less, say 2000. They wont go into combat mode. OR restart mission with a vehicle without a turret this time. AI with the view distance range will not know about it.

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kju-PvPscene added a comment.EditedApr 7 2024, 10:46 AM

The whole knowsAbout-reveal system is a bit of a mess unfortunately.

There is an underlying side knowledge and the group knowledge.
Most knowledge is only shared within a group, only some between groups.
At mission start all friendlies share basic knowledge about each other,
Then certain knowledge is limited by VD, or forgotten when outside VD.
Certain knowledge gets shared immediately within the group, some not.
And probably various other aspects.

Not sure if radioItem or vehicle radio has any relevance.

Also no idea if the original intention in OFP was to simulate radio transmission for knowledge sharing to some extent.

With all that said this sounds definitely like a bug and not intentional. similar to the satchel use shared instantly to the enemy group when impacted

Yes Kju-Pscene.

There are inbuilt systems for sure,think of the "Guard" waypoint for example. By its nature once enemy is spotted by a side,the info is shared to all groups on a Guard WP. In that instance though,such groups will move to last known enemy location but will never go into an automatic combat mode.

Iv continuosly tested and narrowed a few more things down.

It seems the vehicle in question MUST possess a turret for the info to be known. For example "Hunter unarmed" = not known about. "Hunter HMG" = Known about.
Ghost hawk = not known about. Prowler unarmed = not known about. Prowler HMG =Known about.

Definetly a bug.

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