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No Bible within Player owned Objects!
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There is, and has yet to be provided within the official ARMA series, a Bible within a player's owned objects.

Rational for this feature, some real life soldiers were saved by their pocket Bible, taking rounds and shrapnel destined for ending their lives (eg. WW1, WW2, ...), and did not because of the Bible providing additional impenetrable barrier.

Although I think this is perverted not having a Bible (and/or other religious books) and should be escalated as a major bug request, I'll be courteous (of others' religious choices and those desiring female objects instead of an all male world) and mark this only as a minor feature request.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Not relevant
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Log into an Official Bohemia server
  2. As player, go up to an ammo crate and view contents of life saving and life ending objects.
  3. Denote there is no Bible within ammo crates.
Additional Information

A side note, whenever I purchase a new computer, my first download is the all text King James version of the Bible, second download an all text ESV Bible version. At my age, I now tend always having a Bible on hand, at any time and any place, usually pocket Gideon's ESV Bible for handing out for those in need.

One of these days, developers will finally listen to what I'm saying, but not until Revelations!

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Seems appropriate, wish-list!

However, humor aside (for the time being), I think many serious players may opt for stashing a Bible (or other significant religious book) within their pocket.