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Add an option to disabled mission parameters from being initalized automatically by BIS_fnc_initParams
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Currently, mission parameters are always initialized if defined in mission config in multipayer and singleplayer. The function BIS_fnc_initParams is automatically executed postInit with no way to prevent it from doing so.

As we don't have a native way to changing parameter values in singleplayer it would be nice if we had a way to telling BIS_fnc_initParams to exit early in singleplayer. (Multiplayer behaviour should not be changed)

If the function would check for the presence of a missionNamespace variable and if that one is true exit before initializing the parameters.

if (!isMultiplayer && {missionNamespace getVariable ["BIS_fnc_noParameterInitialization", false]}) exitWith {false};

This variable could be set in preInit by the mission creator.

This would allow scenario creators to implement a custom UI in singleplayer to allow players to customize the mission parameters without them being first executed with default parameters.


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Windows 11 x64

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