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1.23 Exp - Field Shovel weight too high
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Hello, just a brief feedback - the field shovel weighs about 4kgs in 1.23 experimental, in reality that type of entrenching tool weighs about 1,3 kilos at the most, so it should be adjusted down a bit.


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Windows 7
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Just check its weight in-game

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Resolved for the 1.24 update.

RenDark2000 added a subscriber: RenDark2000.EditedNov 9 2023, 4:37 PM

Please adjust the weight of the regular shovel then, too. It has 6kg in game now. It should be ~2kg max instead. (compare it with the actual weight of the pickaxe in game). Especially under the aspect that we can't repair the shovel with a wettingstone, like the pickaxe or farming hoe, it should be significantly lighter and/or more efficient to balance it.