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Slotting menu not loading when joining official server after 2.14
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No UI is visible except the main menu background; player VOIP can be heard but there are no menus or buttons upon connecting to the server. Nothing to look at except the background. The only option is to press ESC and be disconnected.


Operating System
Linux x64
Operating System Version
Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS
Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce

Launch game with no mods, navigate to server browser, join an official vanilla server. Also experiencing this issue with third-party servers.

Additional Information

Using Proton 7.0-6

Event Timeline

To add more to this, this issue began on the performance/profiling builds somewhere between v08 and v15 of the performance branch during the 2.12 cycle leading up to the 2.14 release. You'll get an accompanying normally-not-present log message in your log file similar to the following:

6:20:53 Error 5 reading file ''
  • This issue is only present on BattlEye-enabled servers
  • Work was being done at the time to optimize signature checks on the performance/profiling branches around the time that the problem began.

I'm trying to get some more info by monitoring which .pbo files are open by the game client during the issue, but I'm seeing varying results, meaning the data I have there is useless for the time being

Hopefully, with the narrow time-range we've set out, someone can get it resolve relatively quickly and we can get back to doing our development work!

If any kind soul who feels for us Linux folks is reading this, I'd love to help/provide any info I have on the issue, as I've spent quite some time on it a while back when it first started, but eventually gave up and just hoped it would be resolved by the time the builds got to live.

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I'm also keeping track of some of my notes as I track them down on this Gist, hopefully they can be of use to someone, despite being a hodge-podge of unorganized information from different points in time.

EDIT - A full bisection of all 2.12 performance branch releases just now confirms that 212_150787_v14 is the first of the "broken" builds that exhibits this issue.

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Fix is available on profiling branch.
You can switch that by going to steam Arma 3's properties and selecting the profiling beta branch

Fix is available on profiling branch.
You can switch that by going to steam Arma 3's properties and selecting the profiling beta branch

Thank you! Out of curiosity, what was the issue?

If it worked on Windows, I'm guessing there is some difference in Wine's behaviour vs. Windows' behaviour which may be fixable on Wine's end (and avoid related issues).